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I’m Starting “Top Ten Tuesday”

Hi!  I’m taking a deep breath and doing something completely new on the blog– something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I’ve discovered the Top Ten Tuesday topics posts on others’ book review blogs and it appeals to me because of the combination of books + lists!  I wanted to start doing it since the beginning of the new year, but I wasn’t sure how to fit into my schedule because I know I’m not quite dedicated enough to get it out every week and especially not every Tuesday.  Finally I realized the year was going to pass me by if I didn’t just start doing it, so I’m just going to without knowing how I’m going to work this and that’s that.  Just know in advance it won’t be regular so you’ve been warned.

I think I will start off with tomorrow’s topic since I’ll feel like I’m already ahead of the game.  Ha!  And that topic is: PLACES MENTIONED IN BOOKS THAT I’D LIKE TO VISIT.  Ready?  So here we go!

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Change is in the Air…

In this case, I happen to think that change is good.  Good for the blog!  It’s also time for me to get honest and quit being so stubborn.  I’ve been battling being able to get my posts out like I would like for some time now and have finally reached the place where I am a full year behind my own schedule.  (In case you haven’t noticed, book review posts have been lacking a lot lately.)  😦  It’s been hard to write reviews doing justice to my thoughts on a book when it’s months after I’ve finished it and have a hard time remembering the characters’ names.  That’s terrible!  I’m also feeling weighed down by all of the different things I have on my backed-up list and I feel the need to purge.

So I promised myself that when I hit that ‘one year behind mark’, I’d double down and do some serious reassessing and catching up.  I’m not entirely sure how that will look yet.  I know that I don’t want to overwhelm followers’ inboxes with spam posts.  I think it will involve a lot of narrowing down of what I will write about for the time being in order to focus on book reviews and books-I’m-loving-type updates.  I’ve also decided to write less movie reviews since I don’t think I’m very good at them, and only write them in such cases as I’ve read the book first.  Except for reviews that I already have typed up and ready to go.

I want to provide my reviews on goodreads as well.  That shouldn’t create extra work, but will broaden the availability.  Unfortunately, the few reviews I have on there right now are negative ones and I don’t want to be the type of person who only speaks out when they have something to grouse about.

I have a few more ideas in the works, so stay TUNED (hint hint)!

Now, I’ve just pitched that long list titled “Backed Up Book Blog” and I’m feeling better already!


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New Reading Year- Looking Ahead 2018

I’m pretty excited about the new year and what lies ahead, especially in the area of reading!  I’ve been feeling pretty psyched since I wound up 2017 with more books read than expected, and I’m off to a good start already.  I’ve already finished one book, I have another half read, and another one awaits me at the library after coming in on the interlibrary loan system.

This year my reading resolution is simple: read 24 books (2 books per month).  I’m pretty sure I can accomplish that one.  To some that may not seem very ambitious but it is a challenging, yet doable number for me.  Especially considering I have some other major projects in the works this year.

I have made up my usual reading list for this year, and can’t wait to start on it.  I wrote in a post a long time ago how I do this the week after Christmas.  However, I’m also trying something a little different.  I joined a reading challenge group on goodreads!  I’ve been mulling over joining one for a while and perused several before making up my mind to join The Seasonal Reading Challenge.  This group appealed to me for several reasons.  For one, I liked the idea that it is seasonal and goes by themes.  There many different tasks of varying difficulties and allows for a broad range of reading.  So, I made up a second reading list (did I say I love lists?) planning out titles to read that qualify under the challenges required, only it basically incorporates most of the books from my first list that I’d been planning on reading anyway.  I’m not sure how I will like this change.  You may laugh, but I’m very serious about my lists and what order I read books in.  I love rules, but only the ones I make up for myself.  Ha!  So we’ll see how I do with a reading group.

I will strive to get my reviews ‘caught up’ this year.  This is actually a little relative in my definition of being caught up.  Ever since the start of this blog I have posted reviews at least a year after having read the book and this is because the margin gives me a feeling of distance and control.  It also gives me the ability to change certain comments I make so that I don’t end up writing something I will regret later.  Of course, I sometimes still do regret things I’ve written.  But time to go back much later with hindsight is better for me.  So my goal is to ‘get caught up’ to within a year’s past reviews, if that makes any sense.

I would like to start up my ‘Character Reflections Series’ again; I miss writing them!  Also, I have had an idea for years that I would like to start adding music somehow to my blog, but have not quite figured out how to do it in a way that is not annoying.  I’ve been looking into it and playing around, so don’t be surprised if you find that appearing on booklearned!

Do you have any different reading goals this year?  Share below!



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Looking Ahead in 2017

c92d3de879107a98efdfdbecf38b1bdcHello, folks! I thought I’d make a post before we get too much farther into January talking about the year ahead on booklearned.  The past year has seen some changes made that have hopefully pleased you, the reader.  I know that simplifying things has reenergized my motivation to blog and I am enjoying it more.  I’ve also been having a bit more free time of late, hence the increase in blog posts.  Well, that and I’m trying to get caught up!

Expect a few minor trends occurring this year as well. I am going to be incorporating more recommended books at the end of my book review posts, to give those interested more reading choices to springboard off of.  Also, I plan on doing a lot more thrift book hunting and so will have more frequent ‘random book shopping’ posts from now on.  Yay!  Unfortunately, I have now officially run out of bookcase room (having filled up my second bookshelving unit) and I have no idea where I will be turning to next for storage… but will that stop my book buying addiction?  N-O!

Also, as announced a few posts ago, I have returned to recording volunteer projects for Librivox. My goal is to step up my experience in voice over this year, through various projects that I hope to announce during the coming year.

Did you know that booklearned is on Pinterest? I haven’t strongly utilized it yet, but am working on it.  Mostly I just have random pictures on there right now.  I’ve learned how to create attractive quote pins, so continue to be on the lookout for those.  I would also like to soon get around to posting my book reviews on goodreads and linking here to booklearned.  I am slowly widening my use of social media!  Although I can’t claim a desire to manage a booklearned facebook page yet.

So, yeah, lots of things happening! I’m excited, are you?

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Spring Cleaning @ booklearned

5e01e0118abcf5a88df7d7289dd4b2b6Hi, there!  This month booklearned turns 3 years old!  Hip hip hooray!

After three years, I feel the need to do a little spring cleaning as far as my priorities go on this blog.  I’ve thought about it, and have decided to ditch some things that aren’t working so well for me or the site, but continue with some of the more fun aspects of booklearned (yay!).

For example, some of the things that I’ve decided to drop (at least for now) are my posts about genealogy and journaling.  Although I remain passionate about those topics, I sort of feel it’s a distraction from my basic purpose of the blog, which is to excite myself and others about diving into books.  I’ve also decided to shelve a couple of series concerning inspiring heroines and what we can learn from them (Character Reflections), and my Inspiring Voices posts.  Although I’ve enjoyed sharing what’s in my head, it has also sapped some of my energy and creativity that I need to put toward other things in my life right now.

What you can still expect to find here are book & movie reviews, links & lists, quotes & programs, my latest Librivox contributions, and of course my discoveries of fun audio dramas, free audiobooks, movie trailers, and links to quality articles concerning books and the audio world.  Also, new Christian fiction books coming out that I’m excited, and my used book sale finds.

I hope you will continue to visit and find booklearned a cozy, kindred spirit place to be.  I enjoy hearing from you!




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Looking Ahead in 2016

ab69e2f3c14a655230233382aef4abf9Happy New Year’s to everyone! Are your 2016 reading lists all made out and ready to go?  Do you have reading goals set for this goal?  Are you excited about what new things you will discover through the world of books throughout the upcoming year?

I enjoyed concocting a reading plan soon after Christmas Day, as is my end-of-year tradition. This year, I’ve planned more vintage classics to read.

I’ve also decided on a different reading goal for myself. Instead of choosing an X number of books to accomplish, my resolution is to reignite my love of reading again.  As mentioned in earlier posts my enthusiasm has rather dwindled over the last year and half.  I believe I may have figured out the cause, though it is still puzzling and strange to me. I moved around a year and a half ago and have not felt ‘at home’ ever since I changed location.  In the past, I’ve so enjoyed getting cozy with a book when I had a room, a nook, or someplace special that I had created to read in.  I have not had this in my new home.  I know we all go through phases where our interests wax and wane, but for someone who blogs about reading and who wants to narrate someday I feel the need to get into a good groove again.  So, this year I plan on repainting my bedroom, and be a little more purposeful in decorating.  Hopefully this will help me enjoy my surroundings enough to feel inspired to delve into fictional worlds!

I also will be rearranging my daily schedule in order to hopefully make time for more reading. I have found that when I feel I’ve done a good day’s work, I feel ready to sit down to read at the end of the day.  When I’ve been busy with appointments and other activities, I have a hard time winding down in the evening to feel much like reading.

Have you ever gone through a slow period in your reading adventures? How did you overcome them?

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Blog Under Construction!

Recently I’ve discovered that a lot of the links I provide on my posts have become dead over time and lead nowhere. 😦  I will be working in the near future on updating the links as best I can to make for a more enjoyable blog for everyone!  Thanks for your patience!

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