Spring Cleaning @ booklearned

29 Mar

5e01e0118abcf5a88df7d7289dd4b2b6Hi, there!  This month booklearned turns 3 years old!  Hip hip hooray!

After three years, I feel the need to do a little spring cleaning as far as my priorities go on this blog.  I’ve thought about it, and have decided to ditch some things that aren’t working so well for me or the site, but continue with some of the more fun aspects of booklearned (yay!).

For example, some of the things that I’ve decided to drop (at least for now) are my posts about genealogy and journaling.  Although I remain passionate about those topics, I sort of feel it’s a distraction from my basic purpose of the blog, which is to excite myself and others about diving into books.  I’ve also decided to shelve a couple of series concerning inspiring heroines and what we can learn from them (Character Reflections), and my Inspiring Voices posts.  Although I’ve enjoyed sharing what’s in my head, it has also sapped some of my energy and creativity that I need to put toward other things in my life right now.

What you can still expect to find here are book & movie reviews, links & lists, quotes & programs, my latest Librivox contributions, and of course my discoveries of fun audio dramas, free audiobooks, movie trailers, and links to quality articles concerning books and the audio world.  Also, new Christian fiction books coming out that I’m excited, and my used book sale finds.

I hope you will continue to visit and find booklearned a cozy, kindred spirit place to be.  I enjoy hearing from you!




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