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Inspiring Voices Series: Lana Parilla

fc77986970f087e4dcd331e09b65a15eI’ve been enjoying watching the tv series Once Upon a Time for a few years now.  Sure, there are parts of it that I find hokey, and I get upset at some of the choices characters make, but there’s also something about the show that keeps me coming back for more of the continuing story.  I think it’s because I see so many illustrations from the Bible in the characters.  Not one episode goes by that I can’t think of a principle or a verse or warning from the book of Proverbs that suits the theme.

One of my favorite characters on the series is Lana Parilla’s version of the Evil Queen (aka, Regina Mills). There are several reasons why I’m interested in her, but the one I will focus on here is because I absolutely love to listen to her voice.  Listen to the clip below and take note of any characteristics of her voice that strikes you:

What did you hear? Right away, you probably noticed her rich, alto voice.  It pairs perfectly with the character Parilla plays because as soon as she enters the room, the others are at her command.  Her voice contrasts with the others’ higher, breathier tones.  She is able to communicate sarcasm or threat at will with a low, light touch.  Lana can also sound sultry and dusky when she chooses.  She shows such command of her voice and it makes for an interesting performance!

How does how she make you feel when you listen? Maybe chilly?  The smile heard in her voice when she makes a threat gives one the impression she takes delight in being evil.  She is not an easy person to love, even as Regina transforms throughout the show.  I often picture porcupine quills stuck out all over her because of the pain you hear from her.

You also hear a lot of confidence and control in her voice. Part of what helps to make this happen is her confident body posture, because the voice is a physical thing coming from the body.  Her’s is well grounded in who she is.  We can all take a tip or two from her!

What are some tv characters you appreciate in large part because of their voice? I’d love to hear about them!

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Inspiring Voices Series: Benjamin Netanyahu

Introduction:  A few months back I was writing an article on what our voices tell about us (see here). As I was writing, I got the idea of doing a new series on booklearned about voices that I find to be inspiring. This idea was also partly gotten from a discussion thread on the LibriVox forum, which I participated in and which you can view here. So today I will writing the first post in the “Inspiring Voices Series.” I hope you enjoy it!

Some golden voices are from the days of yesteryear. And others are front and center in today’s news. One of the most striking voices of our time is the Prime Minister of the State of Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu. I won’t make any bones about him being a hero of mine. In a terrible world where Israel stands alone among the nations in defending herself, Netanyahu doesn’t back down. He was a great speaker even in his 20’s, but he’s gotten even better over the years. His courage, determination, and bearing demand respect, as does the country he represents.

Bam! Wake up, people! Netanyahu’s words convey truth and conviction. What are some of the characteristics we hear present in his voice? For one thing, he doesn’t pull any punches. His voice illustrates his frustration and a sense of urgency. Personally, I find that his commanding voice makes me sit up and take notice. His booming voice resonates from his broad frame; physical stature does affect our sound.

What about his voice affects you subconsciously? If you could not understand the words or see the video but could only listen to his sounds, what would be the emotions you would be feeling right now? Maybe anxiety; shame; uncomfortableness; solemnity… These are appropriate considering the circumstances.

His accent is thick and heavy, but only serves to illustrate the seriousness of his speech even more. Netanyahu also uses ‘deafening silence’ to make his point loud and clear. Only those glazed over by the prince of this world will fail to be affected by it.

What are your thoughts on the sounds of the voice in this clip? What are some of your favorite voices (past or present)?

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