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Looking Forward to Early Spring 2017 Christian Fiction!

A new year of Inspirational fiction is upon us, and I love being able to peruse the early spring edition of CBD’s latest fiction catalog right in the middle of January!  This time around, I was impressed by the diversity of genres and quality it appears is on the market.  Of course, there’s still the usual sappy romance novels, but there weren’t quite as many Amish stories this season and I was able to find several ones that look highly interesting.  The cover art is getting more scrumptious all the time!  Take a look-see:

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What are you looking forward to reading?

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Used Book Shopping at Thrift Stores

Ah!  🙂  Time to grab a chai and a blanket and for a little ‘random book shopping’ post!  There aren’t a ton this time around, but I can tell you I was pretty excited over these:

*This was the best find out of all of them!  Have you heard of the story of Diet Eman?  This brave young Dutch woman defied the Nazis along with her fiancé in hiding Jews during WWII.  About ten years ago, I listened to a recorded speech she gave that aired on Focus on the Family.  It was split into two parts and I remember being so engrossed in the Part 1 and not wanting to miss the next day’s continuation.  But I was unable to at that time (didn’t have the benefit of looking up past programs on the internet), and was so sorry to have missed it.  A short time later after moving to another state, I saw a flyer announcing a small community theater performing a play based on Diet Eman’s biography.  It was said that Diet herself may be there to meet and greet afterward!  I was so excited and we all bought tickets.  The play (named after the book, “Things We Couldn’t Say”) was riveting.  Unfortunately, Ms. Eman (who is now quite elderly) couldn’t make it that night and we never got to meet her.  But.  I was looking through the wealth of books at a local Salvation Army store and came across her autobiography in great condition.  And when I opened it up… I saw she had autographed it!  !!!!!  How COOL is that?!  I am so thrilled and honored to have a book signed by her own hand to keep for my own and pass on.  It is my hope that I get to meet her one day in person.


You never know what you might find at a thrift store!  Do you have any special book finds?  Please share!

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Newest Random Used Book Finds

032Hey, all!  I thought I would try something new today and show my newest thrift books finds by taking actual photographs of them.  Something tells me it would make the blog feel more personal instead of stock photos.  🙂  You’re obviously not looking at a professional photographer, but I thought it would be fun to change things around a little bit this way.

My newest books are all from the same thrift store, but from different trips.  I was really excited to find a complete trilogy (“The Knights Chronicles”) by Angela Hunt on the shelf!  Please forgive the terrible covers.  They look rather like cheap paperback romances, but if you’ve read Angela Hunt you’ll know that Christian authoress is nothing like.

033I also got to poking around the art book section today and found a “Sister Wendy Story of Painting” coffee table reference book.  I thought it would be fun to mull over during breakfast.  I’ve been enjoying the series, Raiders of the Lost Art on Netflix and thought adding this volume to my library would further my knowledge in the area where I’m lacking.


I’m thinking I will be having more frequent book hauls in the future as I plan to focus more energy on book buying.  What have you found in your recent used book hauls that you’re excited about sharing?


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Yard Saling + Book Saling = Fun!

Hello!  Have many of you been out garage and yard saling since spring began?  This is the first year I’ve been able to get out to do much of it for several years, since I’ve been quite the yard sale addict of late!  Plus, there was one of my favorite library used book sales this past week, so I have quite the stack of book treasures to share with you!

I also bought 4 old copies of the Smithsonian magazine and the following movie:



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It’s Here! New Christian Fiction for Spring 2016!

One of the best things about the bleak midwinter is that we get to look forward to all the exciting new Christian fiction coming out in the spring!  Here are a few that I’m looking forward to:


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Brand New Fall Christian Fiction 2015!

So exciting!  I love perusing the latest Christian fiction from the CBD website.  I remember as a kid taking the catalog outside and laying under a tree on a blanket while reading about all the different plot summaries of potential great stories that left you hanging and wondering what would happen to the characters.  I would spend hours doing it.

So this time around, there was (surprise, surprise) another 10 pages of Amish fiction + many Christmas novellas for the upcoming season.  Both of which: bleh.  But the few titles that grabbed my attention look REALLY good and I’m excited to get my hands on them.  Several new authors I haven’t heard of before.  Don’t you just love these warm, saturated covers?:

What new books (Christian or secular) are you looking forward to reading this fall?

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Book Review: Gone-Away Lake, Elizabeth Enright

7636138Genre: children’s literature; classic

Plot Summary: When Portia Blake and her cousin Julian discover an old, abandoned community of lake houses in the middle of the woods, they are mystified as to how it got there.  Then they meet elderly Mrs. Cheever and her brother Pindar Payton who live there, and summer vacation just got more wonderful!

My Book Review: This was one of those books I pulled off of Mr. S’s bookshelf in sixth grade because he made it mandatory we had to read two of his books each semester.  At first I thought it looked boring (I hate it when I’m made to read a book), but as the story got going I quickly became glued to it!  [Thanks, Mr. S! 🙂 ]  This was a reread for me, nearly sixteen years later, but I was surprised to find how much I remembered about it.  Unfortunately, I read it at an age where I didn’t take note of authors and titles, so it took me many years to find this gem again.

Elizabeth Enright certainly was a talented childrens’ book author.  The book was first published in 1957, which I deem the height of the golden age of children’s literature.  They often don’t make kids’ books like these anymore.  What I love about Gone-Away Lake is the realistic POV of the children characters.  They view summer as we all viewed summer at that age… full of sun and exploring and bugs and fun mysteries to solve.

“The kind where everything is peaceful and a little bit better than real.”

This book is written with such detail.  How much fun would it be to discover a mysterious abandoned village of houses in the middle of the woods?  And to meet a delightful old couple who never completely grew up?  I think we have just as much fun as Portia, Julian, and Foster do all summer long!

Enright’s love and understanding of nature is evident throughout the book.  She doesn’t go overboard with loading us with biology, but her descriptions of swamp and woods, storms, and late summer are what make us experience Gone-Away with all our senses.  I love her contrast between old and new.  The young children fall in love with wonderful Minnehaha Cheever and Pindar Payton, who ironically are eternally young despite their age.  Gone-Away has a way of drawing out the youth of the adults who eventually come to visit the old houses, as well.

11359f44718a332b8eef52b92972e2caOne of my favorite and most memorable parts is when the children first meet Mrs. Cheever in leg-of-mutton sleeves, who shows them her old Victorian drawing room.  She explains that she salvaged every good piece of furniture from the other houses and so her room is overstuffed with sofas and plant stands.  Each wall is decorated with a different patterned wallpaper.  A two page illustration cemented this scene in my mind forever afterwards.  The drawings by Beth and Joe Krush are the detailed line drawings you would love to color in with colored pencils.  If I ever find my own Gone-Away copy at a used book sale, that is exactly what I’m going to do!

There isn’t a thing I disliked about this book and I highly recommend it to one and all as a delightful summer read!  I often find that children’s books are even better enjoyed as an adult, so don’t make the mistake of believing you’re ‘too old’ and pass by this treasure!  But I loved it immensely at 11 and wish that I had known back then that there was a sequel, Return to Gone-Away (which I am definitely planning on reading, too).

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