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What have you stumbled upon, you ask?

Obviously a blog, but more specifically a blog dedicated to book and story lovers, like myself.

Another blog on books?  Hmmm.  So?

I can’t promise you that this will be the most inciteful website you’ll ever happen across in your whole entire life.  I can’t promise you that I am witty and full of uber-smarts and will teach you everything you never knew you needed to know.  I can’t even promise you I’m always right.

But, though I am a humble newbie blogger who hasn’t quite figured out what a widget is yet, I know what I love to do and hope to share with you one or two thoughts that are rolling around in my head.  (ABOUT BOOKS AND ALL THINGS RELATED).  Because I promise to do my utmost not to turn this into a shallow blog where the last thing you care to read about is how many ounces of water I managed to accomplish drinking today, or how often I clip my toenails.  That’s why I don’t do Facebook.  Or Twitter.

Purpose of Booklearned:

Somewhere people hooked on books can explore for fun; to grow and be enhanced in the art of reading; and to find greater pleasures in the world of books they hadn’t known existed.

What You Will Find on Booklearned:

-book reviews

-reviews of movies and audio dramas based on books

-links to websites and videos that have to do with books, stories, audiobooks, etc.

-interesting quotes… about books

-discussions and debates about reading.  BEWARE.  I can be opinionated.

-fun ideas to enhance personal reading habits

About Booklearner:

I am a young woman, trying to turn a new page in the story of her life.  I’ve read books even before I could read (and if you’re wondering how that’s possible it’s because I memorized them by heart and narrated the pictures).  Sometimes I go through phases.  Sometimes I don’t like to read and ít’s hard to motivate myself.  Other times they’re my escape.  Sometimes I just go plumb crazy and chow down on them one right after the other.

No, I’m not really An Authority.  I’m not a librarian, am not a teacher or professor, didn’t go to college.  I’m just a booklearner, since all I know has been gained through books and experience.  But I thought it would be fun to create something interesting about something I love.

Genres I Like:

Fiction: The oldie-but-goodie classics; little known classics; Christian fiction; children’s literature.

I like adventure, historical fiction, mystery, spy thrillers, fantasy, sometimes romance (though I pick and choose with care).

I love books that make me feel like I’m in some other world.  I like the ones, where just holding the book of an undiscovered adventure in your hands gives you goosebumps.

Non-fiction:  Christian self-help, how-to’s, histories, cookbooks, arctic adventures.

I get a kick out of reading accounts of some people getting stuck up at the North Pole for years and how they survive.  I read them in the dead of winter.  Every other winter to be exact.  I don’t know why.

I should also mention that I have OCD.  Yeah, I know everybody does.  But I mean I really do.  And to people who have this disorder, it’s no joke.  This isn’t going to be a blog about OCD, but I just thought I’d mention it because somehow it makes me not feel like I’m the only one.  (Huh.  Why did wordpress automatically put a link to an OCD site at the bottom of the dashboard page??)

I also like to journal, and I do volunteer reading of public domain works, so there may be a few posts on those subjects, as well.

I welcome questions or comments.  But I cannot promise to respond to them.

I am just figuring out this blogging deal and learning the ropes, but I hope you bear with me and come back again soon!

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