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I hope everyone has themselves a merry little Christmas!  It doesn’t have to big, it doesn’t have to bright, it doesn’t have to be loud.  But I do hope it is merry, and that we ponder it in our hearts.

Chris Fabry did a recent program with past recordings of Christmas stories narrated by Mike Kellogg.  I thought I’d post it here for us to enjoy together.

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Writers to Read (Moody Program)

065572234cd7367aa85b2edf1cd24c0aHi, all!  I wish I hadn’t slept too long on listening to this program on Chris Fabry Live! on Moody Radio.  I just listened to it and heard enough interesting thoughts to write a three page document of notes!  Featuring the guest Douglas Wison, author of The Case for Classical Christian Education and Writers to Read (both of which I will be looking for at the library sometime), the discussion revolves around his latter book in which he suggests nine specific great authors to read and why.  Books are always a great discussion, but I actually had to laugh out loud a time or two while listening to this!  🙂  Please don’t wait too long to listen, as it expires Sept. 17.


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Christy Awards & Summer Reading

29a10b1668c8b0713fa0770a6b42a8b3Hey, there!  Are you looking for something really good to read this summer while on vacation?  Or maybe you’re looking for a book to take you on vacation if you can’t get away for real?  Chris Fabry recently aired a program on Chris Fabry Live where he interviewed various authors awarded the Christy Award for 2016.  He spent two hours talking about their books and the stories behind the stories.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but I can’t wait to scout out for more interesting reads to add to my To Read Notebook!  *Please be aware these programs are playable for a limited time only.


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02710756ef8c4872d53be9a0c65912f0Do you like poetry?  I confess, it hasn’t been until the last year or so that I’ve started to gain interest in this style of writing.  I think it was because I just never understood it very well.  But I’ve been discovering that poetry is so much fun to read out loud, and lately I’ve been wanting to educate myself on how to read poetry and how to take meaning from it.  So yesterday I listened to a program I’ve been meaning to listen to for a while that aired on the Chris Fabry Live! program last year and features guest Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, professor at Moody Bible Institute.   (Click here.)  Chris and Rosie discuss good poetry vs. bad poetry, how to read it, whether Christians can enjoy secular poetry, and also delve into various interpretative meanings of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.  Unfortunately, this link is only available for about a month after this post-date.  I hope to be able to provide more great links on the subject of poetry in the future!

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Interview with Francine Rivers

04302a0bdec31b220260bf5f18910881Never read a book by Francine Rivers?  What are you waiting for?!  Rivers is flat-out one of the best fiction writers on the Christian market and her books have impacted so many people with her stories of redemption.  Click here to listen to an interview Chris Fabry had with her (available for a limited time), where they discuss her books, her writing techniques, and her latest bestseller, Bridge to Haven.


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“Frame 232”, Interview with Author Wil Mara

Are you in the mood for a little intrigue?  I just finished listening to an interview Chris Fabry did with author Wil Mara on his book, “Frame 232: A Jason Hammond Novel.”  This is one I’ve definitely added to my To Read List … I could use a dose of mystery and suspense!


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What Story Are You In?

Big Story, The: How the Bible Makes Sense out of LifeI was listening to a past program on Moody’s Chris Fabry Live! show where he hosted the author Justin Buzzard talking about the book “The Big Story”.  I took some lovely things away from it and thought I’d post a link to it.

Do you crave something more?  Do you yearn for your life to be a bigger story than just what you do?  Though written by a Christian and embraced by a wide Christian audience, many non-Christian are enjoying reading “The Big Story,” as well.  I hope you’ll click the link below to hear more about God’s bigger story for you.

Interview with Justin Buzzard on Chris Fabry Live!


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