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More Random Books Finds this Summer

Posting again before I build up too high a stack!  These books were got at library book sales during the month of July.

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Fourth of July Book Sale = Sunburn!

I hope all of my fellow Americans enjoyed their Independence Day as much as I did!  I felt like I had so much to celebrate this year.  My enjoyment of the day was a little unconventional in that I attended an annual used book sale held every year on the Fourth of July.  Of course, every time I attend I vow it will be my last.  But I went again this year anyway and paid for it by getting severely sunburnt!  It is still blistering and killing me as I post this.

Here are some of the great finds I pounced on:

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Random Books Post, the Thick of Yard Saling Season

It’s about time I posted about my random book findings, as I have about three STACKS (deserving of capitals) to update on.  Please forgive me for posting links to goodreads.  It was just a little too much HTMLing for me.  But as always, you can click to view them up closer on slideshow and read my comments on them all.  Ready?  Here we go!:

I told you. random. stacks.

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The Fun Begins! (Random Book Post)

I don’t know about your part of the country or world, but where I live the book season has begun in earnest.  As a result, I have two teetering piles of books to share with you!  I have now run out of space on my 1 1/2 bookcases, have books in storage, and have organized piles around my small bedroom, so I don’t know where I’m going to go with these.  But as I recently told my hairdresser: I know I have a problem, but I don’t intend to fix it.  Besides, I comfort myself with the fact that if it’s books, it’s not hoarding.  I’ve been collecting them in a pile until I created a post here to process them, so I’d forgotten about some of them until I rediscovered them this evening.  It’s like Christmas twice!  😀



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Merry Christmas! Used Book Finds

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday just as much as I am!

I wanted to update my latest batch of random used book finds.  Most of these were gotten for FREE or an ave. of 11cents each.  🙂  As you see, there are some good Christmas ones, as well as appropriate books for New Year’s.  As always, click on each book to read my comments and for links.


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Yard Saling + Book Saling = Fun!

Hello!  Have many of you been out garage and yard saling since spring began?  This is the first year I’ve been able to get out to do much of it for several years, since I’ve been quite the yard sale addict of late!  Plus, there was one of my favorite library used book sales this past week, so I have quite the stack of book treasures to share with you!

I also bought 4 old copies of the Smithsonian magazine and the following movie:



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First Spring Book Sale- 2016

Hi!  With used book sale season now under way, I bring you my finds from my latest shopping spree.  This time around, I hit a library I hadn’t been to before, in K—-.  It was held in a spacious conference room off of the library, with long rows of tables and long rows of books.  The nice thing was that it was neat, clean, and tidy– and no bending over to look at boxes under the tables, getting back up, getting out of somebody’s way, trying to see around others or anything.  It made things very pleasant!

This book sale wasn’t very organized as far fiction genres or non-fiction categories go.  It was just put out there under Fiction or Non-Fiction.  I didn’t really mind, since I don’t really set out to find something in particular, just whatever catches my fancy.

Prices were very decent ($1 for hardbacks; 50 cents for paperbacks).  Plus, they had a lot of nice, new donated books, which made the shopping even more fun!  Below are my three prizes.  I actually had found several others I would have liked to have gotten, but I was trying to save my cash for yard saling later on in the afternoon.


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