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November 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “deadly”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

I won for the second month in a row!  This time, I did better than I ever have before:

1)  Airplane ~ “My father made his fortune in England, manufacturing airplane parts.”  [Million Dollar Baby]

2)  Arms ~ “There’ld be no harm in having the men stand to their arms on the island tonight.”  [The Fortunes of Captain Blood]

3)  Attack ~ “Because these pirates dare not venture a frontal attack against your heavily armed fort of Santo Antonio here, they hope to march overland from San Patrico and take you in the rear.”  [FCB]

4)  Authority ~ “Don Ilario is the man in authority now.”  [FCB]

5)  Battle ~ Almost every night battle, murder, or sudden death played some part in her visions.  [The Story Girl]

6)  Bullet ~ “The doctor found the bullet during examination.”  [MDB]

7)  Bunk ~

8)  Chief ~ So Nebuzaradan the commander of the guard, Nebushazban a chief officer, Nergal-Sharezer a high official and all the other officers of the king of Babylon sent and had Jeremiah taken out of the courtyard of the guard.  [Jer. 30:13-14]

9)  Chopper ~

10)  Combat ~

11)  Courage ~ And it was actually with laughter that they set about reloading, their courage resrrected by that first if slight success.  [FCB]

12)  Danger ~ It had been sprung, and was not merely useless, but a source of danger.  [FCB]

13)  Deadly ~ Under the compulsion of that tone and of the eyes so blue and cold that looked with deadly menace into his own, Tim’s resistance crumpled, and obediently he climbed down into the hold.  [FCB]

14)  Defend ~ She can defend everything she decides to do because she has wanted to.  [Teach Us to Want]

15)  Deploy ~

16)  Discipline ~ “I will discipline you, but only with justice; I will not let you go entirely unpunished.”  [Jer. 30:11)

17)  Duty ~ A good, but unexamined life will be high on duty and not likely to celebrate the odd paradoxes, the ironic coincidences, and the humor of being dirt…  [C.S. Lewis’ Little Book of Wisdom]

18)  Enlist ~

19)  Exercise ~ When our group became too large, we moved to the school parking lot, and sometimes up to 50 people came to exercise.  [Seated with Christ]

20) Fierce ~  “And he plunged fiercely in.”  [TSG]

21)  Forces ~ But on Monday morning the exasperated Admiral once more plastered the Island with shot, and then stood boldly in to force a passage.  [FCB]

22)  Front ~ *see Attack

23)  Government ~ “It amounts to a government charter for a traffic against which there was a government decree.”  [FCB]

24)  Guard ~ The army of the king of Babylon was then beseiging Jerusalem, and Jeremiah the prophet was confined in the courtyard of the guard in the royal palace of Judah.  [Jer. 32:2]

25)  Guns ~  Her poop-rail had been shorn away, and her swivel-guns had gone with it overboard.  [FCB]

26)  Hero ~ Across the harbor and into this scene of heroic activity came towards evening Don Clemente Pedroso, greatly daring and more yellow-faced than ever.  [FCB]

27)  Intelligence ~ “Even if it were not, I might without boasting assert, and you, I am sure, are of intelligence to perceive that the first ship to thrust her bowsprit across that line will be sunk before she can bring a gun to bear.”  [FCB]

28)  Invasion ~ Jameson flinched slightly, then carried through with his invasion.  [MDB]

29)  Join ~ “We have all the apples in and haven’t much to do just now and we are having lots of fun but we wish you were here to join in.”  [TSG]

30)  Loss ~ How often– will it be for always?– how often will the vast emptiness astonish me like a complete novelty and make me say, ‘I never realized my loss till this moment’?  [CSLLBW]

31)  Loyalty ~ -Loyalty  [The Power of Visual Storytelling]

32)  March ~ *see Attack

33)  Mission ~ If every street in the world had people on mission to love their neighbors and see them as a specific assignment from God to love, protect, and belong to, how would the world change?  [SwC]

34)  Muscle ~ She enjoyed participating in the investigation, relished the opportunity to flex her sleuthing muscles, and even found some measure of joy in sharing Creighton’s company.  [MDB]

35)  Operation ~ Wolverstone’s mistrust of the operation of the Spanish conscience continued unabated, and nourished his contempt of Blood’s faith in the word that had been pledged.  [FCB]

36)  Order ~ He turned to beckon some of the hands in the waist and issued orders briefly whilst the fruit-seller was climbing the accomodation-ladder with a basket of yams balanced on his head.  [FCB]

37)  Parade ~ Even now, they count the straggling parade of kids– one, two three, four, FIVE?  [TUTW]

38)  Patrol ~ He could have been at the theater earlier, but he had spent the past ten minutes scouting the area for a glimpse of Jameson’s patrol car, as it was Creighton’s only means of knowing whether the couple had followed through with their plans.  [MDB]

39)  Peace ~ His single eye remained apprehensively watchful in the three or four peaceful days that followed, but it was not until the morning of Friday, by when, the mast repaired, they were almost ready to put to sea, that he observed anything that he could account significant.  [FCB]

40)  Protect ~ “In short, that it is not to the honour of the flag of France that it should protect a horde of brigands.”  [FCB]

41)  Ready ~ *see Peace

42)  Rifle ~ He was suddenly distracted by the sound of Marjorie rifling through the pages she had placed, face down, on the desk after reading them.  [MDB]

43)  Rounds ~ Round and round.  [CSLLBW]

44)  Security ~ Jacob will again have peace and security, and no one will make him afraid.  [Jer. 30:10]

45)  Training ~ Nor he would account sufficient the measures taken in emplacing the guns anew, so that all but six still left to command the Dragon’s Jaw were now trained upon the harbor.  [FCB]

46)  Troops ~ The sixty that remained whole were resolute and steady men– there were no better troops in the world than those of the Spanish infantry– but reduced to helplessness by the bewildered incompetence of the young officer in command  [FCB]

47)  Veteran ~

48)  War ~ Never, in peace or war, commit your virtue or your happiness to the future.  [CSLLBW]

49)  Yelling ~ We were much taken aback to find that Mrs. Ray came to the gate instead of Judy, and rather sourly demanded what we were yelling at.  [TSG]

50)  Zone ~


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October 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “crowds”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

This month, I won!  Wonder of wonders!  I found all but 12 words.

1) Afternoon ~ “It seemed like a fine afternoon.”  [Saffire]

2) Alcohol ~ My early speculation that the man who stepped into the bullring was drunk was proven incorrect, as a brief exam of the body had not given any indication of the smell of alcohol.  [S]

3) Attractions ~ See Natural

4) Bands ~ In the afternoons, they sipped mint tea and listened to the military band at the Ghezirah club and wrote postcards to send home: Cairo was marvellous, strange, exotic, and crowded, but full of flies and exceedingly whiffy.  [The Shape of Sand]

5) Beer ~ It was crowded and smelled of wet wood with spilled beer– a scent that competed with the smoke of roasting meat and baked flat breads sold by aproned men screaming for attention.

6) Brew ~

7) Celebration ~ The birthday celebrations took the form of an evening reception, and the guests were around 70 in number.  [TSofS]

8) Community ~ The implications of sitting down together like this– interconnected and equal– are profound, not just for our loneliness, but for our realization of biblical community  [Seated with Christ]

9) Costumes ~ Needlework is something I have never quite seen the point of, but when I approached Clara Hallam, Mma’s maid, for a little assistance with “The Three Graces” costumes, she puckered her mouth like a Dorothy bag and said she’d see what she could do, but of course Madam would have first call on her for her own preparations, which means we shall see nothing of her unless we beg!  [TSofS]

10) Crowds ~ When ready, the matador, I assumed, would step out of this door to greet the crowd, and the door would be shut firmly behind him, with a crossbar in place on this side to prevent a rambunctious bull from knocking it down.  [S]

11) Dancing ~ He took them to where they could see street jugglers, snake-charmers and acrobats, though he adamantly refused expeditions to native cafes where the Ghawazee dancing girls performed, which spectacle ladies were well-advised not to attend.  [TSofS]

12) District ~ I suggest that we send out bulletins to each zone station and alert our own police to the dangers of this powder and warn workers to beware when entering the rougher districts of Colon or Panama City.  [S]

13) Enjoy ~ “Did you enjoy thinking you had fooled me?”  [S]

14) Entertainment ~ She couldn’t altogether blame Vita, however, that this tableau as a choice of birthday entertainment lacked originality, and showed no subtlety.  [TSofS]

15) Event ~ “The girl named Safrana,” I said, “is an orphan because of the events during my trip in Panama.”  [S]

16) Fairgrounds ~

17) Festival ~

18) Flavor ~ “Felicity, if I die from the effects of eating sawdust pudding flavored with needles, you’ll be sorry you ever said such a thing to your poor old uncle,” said Uncle Roger reproachfully.  [The Story Girl]

19) Food ~ The unaccustomed food had upset Millie’s stomach, the heat gave her migraine, and– utter calamity!– she was without her maid.  [TSofS]

20) Friends ~ Nine o’clock in the city, she said, was a perfectly normal hour for friends to gather, and soirees often went into the early hours of the morning.  [S]

21) Fun ~ “Do you understand the concept of fun?”  [S]

22) German ~ “I think Amador is working for the Germans.” [S]

23) Heritage ~ Enter the liberals, offended by our Eurocentric origins and male-dominated Judeo-Christian heritage.  [Uncle Sam’s Plantation]

24) History ~ “First time in inauguration history a president’s wife has insisted on leading the parade with her husband.” [S]

25) Hope ~ “I’ll just hop back to London tomorrow, pick up my belongings and check out at the hotel, and see to one or two other things.”  [TSofS]

26) International ~

27) Keg ~ “I dreamed last night that I threw a lighted match into that keg of gunpowder in Mr. Cook’s store at Markdale,” said Peter.  [TSG]

28) Kick off ~

29) Labels ~ And Aunt Olivia was warned to label all the pincushions in the house.  [TSG]

30) Lager ~

31) Laughter ~ I roared with laughter.  [S]

32) Limit ~ Yet I could not live here, not without far horizon and limitless sky and freedom that some mistook for desperation. [S]

33) Malt ~

34) Music ~ “Oh, and do you think you could remind Mr. Marcus, with my compliments, that not everyone shares his passion for that music he’s playing so loudly?”  [TSofS]

35) Natural ~ “Until then, I’d found myself with an unnatural attraction to Mr. Corillo during our lunches with Raquel Sandoval.”  [S]

36) October ~ But when October arrived, he announced that he might as well go along to Stoke Wycombe for the pheasants, and an audible sigh of relief went through the house.  [TSofS]

37) Parade ~ “Everyone is screaming at me to cancel the parade.” [S]

38) People ~ Physical landmarks had disappeared forever, but what mattered more was the absence of people she had known who were no longer there, for one reason or another.  [TSofS]

39) Pretzel ~

40) Rides ~ So it seemed to Daisy, at any rate, cooling off in the shade of the weeping ash after a hot bicycle ride back from the village whence she’d been bidden by her mother to take horrid old Mrs. Drake a jar of calves’ foot jelly.  [TSofS]

41) Sausage ~

42) Season ~ With modern travel a rancher from the Dakotas could spend a substantial part of the year in the dry season of the tropics, the same way that a woman from Panama could spend the other part of the year– spring through fall roundup– in the Dakotas  [S]

43) Servers ~

44) Stein ~

45) Tent ~ During the war in Iraq, many of us heard the incredible story of supposed foreign terrorists who rolled grenades into three tents killing a captain and injuring fifteen others, including a brigade commander.  [USP]

46) Tradition ~ But she was beginning to realize, too late, that even Amory might be somewhat shaken when he saw what might be done to rooms where previously the decorations, if needing to be renewed, had simply followed accepted tradition.  [TSofS]

47) Vendor ~

48) Visitors ~ The platform was empty as usual, except for the accustomed figure of Joseph Jimson, the young porter, whose sole task, it sometimes appeared, was to await the arrival of the trains which brought and bore away visitors to and from Charnley House– and to deliver to the big house on his bicycle the fresh supplies of fish and meat which were sent direct from Billingsgate and Smithfield.  [TSofS]

49) World ~ She had her world and I had mine.  [S]

50) Yeast ~ It’s for smelling– buttery yeast rolls, the new pages of a book, the dark, rich earth.  [SWC]

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September 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “coffee cup”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1) Antiques ~ The quilt was purchased by Ross Trump, an antiques collector and dealer and family friend of the Finleys and Dagues.  [Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker]

2) Albums ~

3) Bat ~ What spooky swooping of bats!  [The Story Girl]

4) Bible ~ She had always loved to read, especially the Bible, but she had enjoyed nothing in the way of a formal education.  [MLD]

5) Blanket ~

6) Books ~ “The very idea of domestic servants being persuaded to write books about the secrets of their employers, being crammed by literary adventurers with what they ought to say, and their lumbering and halting narration being helped at every stage by perhaps the very class of men who edit the flash papers of our cities, must be repulsive to every person of an ordinary degree of refinement.” [MLD]

7) Box ~ “You mean the stuffing of the ballot box.”  [Saffire]

8) (Broken) Chair ~ “How provoking,” Mrs. Lincoln exclaimed, sinking heavily into a chair, panting from the effort of scaling the tower of stairs.

9) China ~ “And a china fruit basket with an apple on the handle,” went on Felicity, much relieved.  [TSG]

10) Christmas (Ornaments) ~ I was here because I had received a letter at the ranch before Christmas, instructing me to meet with Colonel George Washington Goethals on the first Sunday morning after my arrival in Panama.  [S]

11) (Cuckoo) Clock ~ “That’s Grandfather King’s old clock striking,” he said, as soon as he was able to speak.

12) Clothing ~ She instructed Elizabeth to make appointments for several dealers in secondhand clothing to call on “Mrs. Clarke” at the Union Place Hotel, but although they duly came, and seemed interested in her goods, they could not agree on a price.  [MLD]

13) Cobwebs ~

14) Coffee Cup ~ I lifted my coffee cup and slurped, guessing that it would irritate the man.  [S]

15) Coins ~

16) Collar ~ In the photos, he wore his military uniform, rounded collar fully buttoned up.  [S]

17) Comic (Books) ~

18) Crib ~

19) Curtains ~

20) Decorations ~

21) Dishes ~ Cecily set the table, and the Story Girl waited on it and washed all the dishes afterwards.  [TSG]

22) Doll ~

23) Futon ~

24) (Board) Game ~ “The Game.”  [S]

25) Instruments ~

26) Jewelry ~ “I tried to sell them a lot of jewelry,” said Mrs. Lincoln.  [MLD]

27) Key ~ “The room is locked up, and Annie has gone out with the key.” [MLD]

28) Lamp ~ Elizabeth bade her goodnight and went off to her own room, but not until she was settled in bed and had turned down the lam did it occur to her that Mrs. Lincoln could have ordered dinner to be served to Elizabeth in her room, so that she would not have had to retire hungry.  [MLD]

29) Letters ~ Startled, Elizabeth read the letter again to be sure she had not misunderstood it.  [MLD]

30) Magazine ~

31) Mouse ~

32) Money ~ Mr. Brady believed that the prominent Republican men who owed their fortunes to Mr. Lincoln would be willing to advance her money rather than let it be made known that his widow was so impoverished that she was compelled to sell her wardrobe!  [MLD]

33) Mummy ~

34) Painting ~ I caught a glimpse of tile floor, a wide hallway, and large paintings on the walls.  [S]

35) Photos ~ Their exhibit resided within the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building, and in their modest portion of the vast space, wooden figures clad in garments designed and made by Elizabeth and her students showed off the department’s skill and artistry, and a revolving showcase displayed photographs and biographies of their graduates.   [MLD]

36) Pillow ~ “Boys, that’s when he reached under his pillow and brought to light a Colt of .45-caliber and pointed it behind me.”  [S]

37) Purse ~ Cromwell pursed his lips.  [S]

38) (Old) Radio ~

39) Records ~ For decades, historians believed that her gravesite would remain forever unknown, but in 2009, a self-described amateur historian named Richard Smyth was researching historical graves within the cemetery’s ledgers and records when he discovered the plot and section where Elizabeth Keckley had been buried.  [MLD]

40) (Badminton) Racket ~

41) Rug ~

42) Souvenirs ~ It was not a symptom of Mrs. Lincoln’s insanity that she could not bear souvenirs of the past.  [MLD]

43) Stamps ~ “It will be important for your investigation that you attend, as that will show everyone who matters that you have an official stamp of approval for your questions.”  [S]

44) (Measuring) Tape ~

45) Tickets ~ I did not know why the man who sent train and steamship tickets with the letter chose me.  [S]

46) Trunk ~ Even so, they were treated with far more courtesy– perhaps because Mrs. Lincoln’s real name was discernible on some of her trunks, if one looked carefully, and the staff knew who she was but pretended otherwise.  [MLD]

47) Toys ~ She had quickly, almost frantically, given away Willie’s toys and books after his death.  [MLD]

48) Video Game ~

49) War (Memorabilia) ~ Elizabeth thrived in the classroom and on peaceful strolls around the campus chatting with her cheerful, inexhaustibly curious, impossibly young students, all of them born after the war, never having known a single day when slavery was the law of the land.  [MLD]

50) Watch ~ I turned my left wrist and glanced at my watch.  [S]


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August 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “double”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

I really bombed out this month!  The words were difficult to find, but here are my results:

1) Anchovies ~

2) Avocado ~

3) Bacon ~ It was not an unpleasant whistle, but rather oddly reminiscent of tender things he remembered away back somewhere; and as he fried his bacon and steamed a handful of desiccated potatoes he hummed a song, also rather pleasant to ears that were as closely attentive as Peter’s.  [The Country Beyond]

4) Barbecue (Sauce) ~

5) Beetroot ~

6) Blue cheese ~

7) Bologna ~

8) Brown (Sauce) ~ And Nada stood very close to him, so that her brown head lightly touched his shoulder and he could see the silken shimmer of loose tresses which with sweet intent she had let fall over his arm.  [TCB]

9) Bun ~

10) Cheddar ~

11) Cheese ~ Some observers cast off their shock and hurried back into their homes, quickly returning with bread, cheese, apples, and other food to distribute to the passing soldiers.  [Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker]

12) Chili ~

13) Double ~ The corporate income tax really amounts to double taxation.  [Uncle Sam’s Plantation]

14) Feta (Cheese) ~

15) French Fries ~

16) Fried Egg ~

17) Fry ~ see Bacon

18) Grill ~

19) Guacamole ~

20) Ham ~ Soon after we were at supper in the kitchen, with its low, dark, raftered ceiling from which substantial hams and flitches of bacon were hanging.  [The Story Girl]

21) Jalapenos ~

22) Ketchup ~

23) Lettuce ~

24) Mayonnaise ~

25) Mince ~

26) Mushrooms ~

27) Mustard ~

28) Onion ~ Then I DO like to go and look at the nice little rows of onions and beets.  [TSG]

29) Onion rings ~

30) Pastrami ~

31) Peppers ~

32) Pickles ~

33) Pineapple ~

34) Potato Chips ~

35) Relish ~ “She underestimated your principles and your loyalty,” said Emma, clearly relishing her triumph at discovering the scheme. [MLD]

36) Round ~ At first his back was towards us, but he turned round in time, to our side of the theatre, and looked at the boxes above us, using his glass for a few minutes– then removing it, but still continuing to look up.  [The Woman in White]

37) Salad Dressing ~

38) Salsa ~

39) Sauce ~

40) Scrambled egg ~

41) Single ~ Let’s say you’re single and know that having sex before marriage is a sin.  [Distinctly You]

42) Slider ~

43) Square ~ If I were to try to sell something that I painted, it wouldn’t get a dime because I can’t draw a square straight. [DY]

44) Steak (burger) ~

45) Swiss ~

46) Tartar sauce ~

47) Thick ~ In the thickening dusk he took Nada’s white face between his hands.  [TCB]

48) Thin ~ In the open door he stood for a moment, his thin, ferret-like face standing out against the black background of the night, and his strange eyes, apparently half closed yet bright as diamonds, sweeping the interior without effort but with the quickness of lightning.  [TCB]

49) Tomato ~

50) Triple ~

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July 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “experience”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1. Alert ~ “PDA alert!,” he called out.  [Between Us Girls]

2. Animals ~ The place was a zoo, speaking animal-costume-wise.  [BUG]

3. Backpack ~

4. Blanket ~ She shivered and pulled the blanket closer.  [BUG]

5. Boots ~ He was in all-black mode, wearing jacket, pants, boots, and sunglasses with even a stocking cap and gloves.  [BUG]

6. Bugs ~

7. Camp ~ One evening he stopped for camp at the edge of the Burntwood.  [The County Beyond]

8. Canteen ~

9. Compass ~ The facts are clear: Boys without married fathers are more likely to grow up to become men without a moral compass, and without a moral compass guys are woefully ill-equipped to temper their sexual urges.  [Uncle Sam’s Plantation]

10. Direction ~ Beau, Jasmyn, Keagan, and Sam said their good nights outside Liv’s door and veered off in four directions through the courtyard shadows.  [BUG]

11. Endure ~ If you want to endure anything life brings your way, decide in advance (before the storm) that it’s God’s way or no way.  [Distinctly You]

12. Equipment ~

13. Exercise ~ There is nothing wrong with a lifestyle of consistent exercise.  [DY]

14. Experience ~ Have you ever had that experience?  [DY]

15. Family ~ Liv adjusted her glasses and looked at a family photo.  [BUG]

16. (Camp) Fire ~ In another flash the twin balls of green fire were gone.  [TCB]

17. Fishing ~ Manda talked about tuna fishing.  [BUG]

18. Flashlight ~

19. Friends ~ Samantha behaving like a friend to Jasmyn.  [BUG]

20. Fun ~ “Like it’s been fun getting to know you, have a good life.”  [BUG]

21. Games ~ “Come in on Friday after the football game.” [BUG]

22. Gear ~ By the time I had moved into my teenage years, the feminist movement was in full gear.  [USP]

23. Grass ~ There had still been vague outlines in the dirt of the house and barns, remnants of the grass yard.  [BUG]

24. Guide ~ When I consistently do this, asking God to guide my thoughts and my tongue, my speech is much more effective, and God is glorified in the process.  [DY]

25. Heat ~ It was a cool and cavernous spot, in spite of the Sahara-like heat of the great pile.  [TCB]

26. Hike ~ Her father had tried to explain it to her little girl mind when they hiked.  [BUG]

27. Insects ~ And through it all,– through the lazy drone of insects, the rustling sighs of the tree tops and the subdued notes of living things ran a low and tremulous whispering, as if nature had found for itself a new language in this temporary absence of man.  [TCB]

28. Kits ~ “There’s brandy in our kit.”  [TCB]

29. Knife ~ “He’s eighty years old but still one of the sharper knives in the drawer.” [BUG]

30. Knowledge ~ “Knowledgeable.”  [BUG]

31. Lantern ~ Samantha and Jasmyn laughed now as they took down the orange Japanese lanterns.  [BUG]

32. Leader ~ Miriam and Aaron held the key powerful positions of priest and prophet, but they resented that Moses (their younger brother) was the leader.  [DY]

33. Location ~

34. Map ~ To the east was Hudson’s Bay; westward lay the black forests and twisting waterways of Upper Saskatchewan; and north– always north– beckoned the lonely plains and unmapped wildernesses of the Athabasca, the slave and the Great Bear,– toward which far country their trail was slowly but surely wending its way.  [TCB]

35. Marshmallows ~

36. Matches ~ If the word on the street is that her walk matches her talk, that’s saying a lot.  [DY]

37. Mountain ~ In her mind’s eye she saw again the desert floor, its massive display of valleys and mountains and rocks and vegetation.  [BUG]

38. Nature ~ Nature spoke to her as it had to her father and his parents before him.  [BUG]

39. Outdoors ~ “It’s a little unnerving to think about this group sleeping outdoors tonight.”  [BUG]

40. Overnight ~ “Took both of them practically overnight.” [BUG]

41. Peace ~ It’s a path of wholeness, abundant living, and peace when we choose to obey and walk in it.  [DY]

42. Plan ~ For all Live knew, he had a plan to get samples from both Jasmyn and these people.  [BUG]

43. Play ~ About a hundred yards away, like a kid’s erector play set, there were vertical and horizontal beams, crossing each other.  [BUG]

44. Remote ~

45. Rope ~ “Sit down, Neekewa,” she whispered, drawing the ropes of her hair about her as if she were cold.  [TCB]

46. Stars ~ “I noticed her because she was one of the stars, you know.” [BUG]

47. Tent ~ When God stopped speaking and the cloud lifted above the tent, Miriam had leprosy; her skin was like snow.  [DY]

48. Trail ~ Jasmyn’s imagination raced down one rabbit trail after another.  [BUG]

49. Vacation ~ “Quinn said you’re on vacation.”  [BUG]

50. Woods ~ And Jolly Roger, as he worked, was giving instructions to the girl, who was quick as a bird to bring him cloth which she tore into bandages, so that at the end of ten minutes Peter’s right hind leg was trussed up so tightly that it was as stiff and as useless as a piece of wood.  [TCB]


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June 2019 Scavenger Word List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “flavor”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.  THIS MONTH, I FINALLY WON!

1. Al Dente ~

2. Bake ~ Mamie was immersed in the kitchen, baking an abundance of Yule bread and black bun, the fragrance rivaling the confectionery on Water Street.  [Love’s Awakening]

3. Beat ~ “Opposition is growing fiercer toward those of us who help fugitives– more beatings, threats, torched homes and barns.” [LA]

4. Blend ~

5. Boil ~ One moment I was okay, the next, I was boiling with anger.  [Distinctly You]

6. Burn ~ But the sky above New Hope was clear and blue as a robin’s egg, and the letter she’d just received seemed to burn a hole in her pocket, spurring her on.  [LA]

7. Chill ~ A chill crept over Ellie despite the day’s heat.  [LA]

8. Chop ~

9. Cream ~ Not ebony but the hue of coffee with cream, born of a black mother and a white overseer.  [LA]

10. Cube ~

11. Dash ~

12. Dice ~

13. Drain ~ Oh, to rearrange time… drain the rivers dry so he couldn’t leave… send for Reverend Herron, who’d surely voice his objections to her wedding a rebllious Turlock when he’d expected a pious Cameron instead… becoming mistress of River Hill in the span of a blessed, passion-filled night… have Chloe returned to their care and begin a new life.  [LA]

14. Drizzle ~

15. Flavor ~ Zigzagging through a maze of short blocks, she made her way from the beach to the business area, a hodgepodge of beach culture and smalltown flavor.  [Between Us Girls]

16. Fold ~ Drawing her feet up on the stool’s edge, she wrapped her arms around her legs and the voluminous folds of her linen skirt, feeling like a little girl again.  [LA]

17. Freeze ~

18. Frost ~ A standing ovation soon freed the group from their balcony box, and they went out into the frosty night.  [LA]

19. Fry ~ They spoke of wild changes they would make to the restaurant, beginning with a French-themed decor, which made no sense at all unless they convinced people that the Eiffel Tower and French fries were somehow connected.  [BUG]

20. Grate ~ She snatched the shackles away and flung them into the hearth’s fire, where they clattered noisily against the grate.  [LA]

21. Grease ~

22. Grill ~

23. Grind ~ Inside the cavernous building, water poured over a huge mill wheel that operated alongside gears designed the century before for grinding grain.  [LA]

24. Hard ~ The hopelessness in her tone struck Ellie hard.  [LA]

25. Heat ~ see Chill.

26. Ice ~ Better to ponder the reality of the coming autumn with its corn stubble and spent fields… and winter’s rivers locked fast with ice, barring his way back to them.  [LA]

27. Knead ~ “It didn’t need nervous kneading.”  [BUG]

28. Layer ~ Biscuits layered with ham.  [LA]

29. Mash ~ They approached the bustling distillery, the scent of the mash tubs, seething with fermenting grain, overpowering and ripe.  [LA]

30. Measure ~ His balding pate shone in the dim light as he bent to measure a leg next, leaving Jack free to look about the tidy room.  [LA]

31. Melt ~ Something inside her melted.  [LA]

32. Mix ~ Ellie marveled that Mama almost made a game of it, having them practice their chosen names till they were comfortable as a well-worn garment, mixing up the slates and having everyone remember who they were with a great deal of high-spirited merriment.  [LA]

33. Mold ~

34. Oil ~ Taking her by the arm, he went inside the house, eyes trailing to the stairwell ceiling, where oil-brushed angels played their harps, reminding him again of Ellie.  [LA]

35. Oven ~ She wore flannel pajamas, ate homemade meatballs and spaghetti, and watched an evening newscast on the small television that sat next to the toaster oven on the countertop.  [BUG]

36. Pare ~

37. Peel ~

38. Pinch ~ She took a deep breath, feeling the pinch of her stays.  [LA]

39. Quarter ~ I did take my English teacher’s warning seriously and registered for a writing class each quarter.  [DY]

40. Raw ~ Why did she always feel so raw at the mere mention of him?  [LA]

41. Rise ~ “Nay, I prefer to swim sober,” Jack said, voice snatched by the rising wind.  [LA]

42. Scramble ~

43. Separate ~ Nothing could bridge the chasm that separated them.  [LA]

44. Skin ~ Strangely enough, his suit was comfortable as a second skin, the stock Sol had tied not overly tight.  [LA]

45. Smoke ~ He drew hard on his pipe and leaned back in his chair, studying her through skirls of smoke.  [LA]

46. Steam ~ “I’ve never ridden on a steamer.”  [LA]

47. Stir ~ The question, asked again and again, never failed to stir Ellie’s spirit.  [LA]

48. Toss ~ Then why did she feel so tossed about, her thoughts and emotions in a perpetual tangle?  [LA]

49. Warm ~ “It’s such a pretty day, not too warm.” [LA]

50. Whip ~ Smart as whips.  [BUG]


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May 2019 Scavenger Word List

Not to inundate with word lists, but I’m trying to catch up before the month gets too carried away..

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “embellish”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1. Accent ~ “Yes, monsieur, quite so,” he replied, with a strong German accent.  [Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes]

2. Alto ~

3. Bar ~ I turn to the bar lying on the ground in front of me: forty-five pounds of iron with two big twenty-five pound, rubber-padded plates stacked on the ends.  [This Is My Body]

4. Bass ~

5. Beat ~ I’d come to CrossFit to prepare my body for the beating it would take at the triathlon coming up in November.  [TIMB]

6. Blues ~ She stepped into his office without invitation and looked about with appraising blue eyes, her beauty undimmed by the passage of time.  [Love’s Awakening]

7. Brass ~ It was quite a large room, scrupulously clean, and presented a cheerful appearance with its varnished woodwork and polished brass.  [ALvHS]

8. Choir ~

9. County ~ And he was honest enough to admit he wanted to ingratiate himself with the most respected man in Allegheny County by bringing his beloved daughter home unharmed.  [LA]

10. Dance ~ This our, plural, reflects in the Christian interpretation the idea that God is not a lonely singularity but a community of three– a Trinity engaged in a constant dance of love, each member of the three moving in perfect, harmonious response to the others.  [TIMB]

11. Dominant ~

12. Drum ~ “Its citizens spend the Sabbath drinking, dueling, partying, and presenting slave dances to African drums in the public squares.”  [LA]

13. Duet ~

14. Eighth ~ A gift from his grandfather on his eighth birthday.  [LA]

15. Embellish ~ Ellie made a slight shadow in her ivory shawl, the lace embellishments shining beneath the light of moon and lantern.  [LA]

16. Encore ~

17. Flag ~ She dug for her handkerchief and dangled it before him like a white flag of truce, wondering if her family had erred in writing them off.  [LA]

18. Flat ~ As it was now almost dark, he walked close behind her and followed her into a five-story house of double flats and, therefore, occupied by numerous tenants.  [ALvHS]

19. Flute ~ A fluted glass held cherry pudding.  [LA]

20. Form ~ I observed his hands: they had been formed from a model of exceeding delicacy, long and slender; inoffensive, truly; and the hands of an artist…  [ALvHS]

21. Genre ~

22. Glee ~ He rubbed his hand, gleefully, at the thought that his duel with Lupin was drawing to a close, and he could not see any serious obstacle in the way of his success.  [ALvHS]

23. Grave ~ “One would imagine you were speaking over the grave of a friend.” [ALvHS]

24. Guitar ~ Friends and family came, and our reception featured local food and a swirling dance where fiddles, dulcimers, and guitars kept time together.  [TIMB]

25. Half ~A half hour passed away.  [ALvHS]

26. Harmony ~ A number of sandwich-men were parading through the street, one behind the other, carrying heavy canes with iron ferrules with which they struck the pavement in harmony, and, on their backs, they carried large posters, on which one could read the following notice: THE MATCH BETWEEN HERLOCK SHOLMES AND ARSENE LUPIN. ARRIVAL OF THE ENGLISH DETECTIVE CHAMPION. THE GREAT DETECTIVE ATTACKS THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE DIAMOND. READ THE DETAILS IN THE ÉCHO DE FRANCE.'” [ALvHS]

27. Hymn ~ Someone was humming… a hymn?  [LA]

28. Improvise ~ Instead I began– in fits and starts with improvisations and tangents– to become a part of a bigger story.  [TIMB]

29. Interval ~ The crowd had grown larger, and Sholmes perceived only at intervals the accomplices of Arsene Lupin.  [ALvHS]

30. Jazz ~ Earnest and hardworking, he grew salad greens and educated customers about the virtues of biodynamic farming while his two children, named after jazz singers, played among the vendors.  [TIMB]

31. Key ~ In a small satchel, the key to which was always carried by the consul himself, they found a bottle of dentifrice, and in that bottle they found the ring.  [ALvHS]

32. Loud ~ The sale was attended by all those who usually appear at similar events in Paris; those who buy, and those who make a pretense of being able to buy; bankers, brokers, artists, women of all classes, two cabinet ministers, an Italian tenor, an exiled king who, in order to maintain his credit, bid, with much ostentation, and in a loud voice, as high as one hundred thousand francs.  [ALvHS]

33. Lyric ~

34. Major ~ I’d been an environmentalist from a young age; my first major school paper in ninth grade was a review of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, a classic of the environmental movement that led to the ban of the pesticide DDT.  [TIMB]

35. Measure ~ “Arsene Lupin, satisfied that he has given them a mild reproof, hopes these gentlemen will not force him to resort to more stringent measures.” [ALvHS]

36. Natural ~ “Wilson, you should conceal your astonishment at an incident which is one of the most natural in the world.” [ALvHS]

37. Note ~ “Yes; I received your note at the tavern.” [ALvHS]

38. Organ ~ “It refers to the Echo de France, Lupin’s newspaper, his official organ, the one in which he publishes his communications.” [ALvHS]

39. Phrase ~ He stood for a moment, silent, with staring eyes, and then muttered, in short, sharp phrases: “Yes, that’s it… that will explain all… right at my feet… and I didn’t see it… ah, parbleu!  I should have thought of it before…” [ALvHS]

40. Pitch ~ He was roused to a high pitch of excitement.  [ALvHS]

41. Play ~ To entertain her friends, the countess seated herself at the piano to play for them, after first placing her jewels on a small table near the pano, and, amongst them, was the ring of the Baron d’Hautrec.  [ALvHS]

42. Practice ~ He has perfected his form through daily practice spent moving his body closer and closer to the ideal form for each lift.  [TIMB]

43. Record ~ “Yesterday I came here to search the cupboard that contains all of Monsieur Destange’s old papers and records.” [ALvHS]

44. Rest ~ “You can buy some underwear and linen to replenish our wardrobe, while I take a rest.”  [ALvHS]

45. Rhythm ~ And yet even in the healing environment of this conviviality, I began to feel like the pace of urban life– an 8-hr workday spent twiddling time away before a blue screen– was out of pace with the rhythm of a truly human life.  [TIMB]

46. Score ~He knocked out the ashes, filled it, lighted it, pulled the skirts of his dressing-gown over his knees and drew from his pipe great puffs of smoke which ascended toward the ceiling in scores of shadow rings.  [ALvHS]

47. Sharp ~ There was a sharp, desperate struggle, in the course of which Sholmes suspected that the man was trying to draw a knife.  [ALvHS]

48. Song ~ “I’m half the man I used to be” goes the old Stone Temple Pilots song, and the ascetics believed exactly this: that sin eats away at what is truly human and leaves us as half hollow-persons.  [TIMB]

49. Time ~ “It is, moreover, the length of time that I require to make preparations for my safety in case the solution of that affair should give you certain dangerous advantages over me.”  [ALvHS]

50. Voice ~ see Loud

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