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July 2019 Word Scavenger List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “experience”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1. Alert ~ “PDA alert!,” he called out.  [Between Us Girls]

2. Animals ~ The place was a zoo, speaking animal-costume-wise.  [BUG]

3. Backpack ~

4. Blanket ~ She shivered and pulled the blanket closer.  [BUG]

5. Boots ~ He was in all-black mode, wearing jacket, pants, boots, and sunglasses with even a stocking cap and gloves.  [BUG]

6. Bugs ~

7. Camp ~ One evening he stopped for camp at the edge of the Burntwood.  [The County Beyond]

8. Canteen ~

9. Compass ~ The facts are clear: Boys without married fathers are more likely to grow up to become men without a moral compass, and without a moral compass guys are woefully ill-equipped to temper their sexual urges.  [Uncle Sam’s Plantation]

10. Direction ~ Beau, Jasmyn, Keagan, and Sam said their good nights outside Liv’s door and veered off in four directions through the courtyard shadows.  [BUG]

11. Endure ~ If you want to endure anything life brings your way, decide in advance (before the storm) that it’s God’s way or no way.  [Distinctly You]

12. Equipment ~

13. Exercise ~ There is nothing wrong with a lifestyle of consistent exercise.  [DY]

14. Experience ~ Have you ever had that experience?  [DY]

15. Family ~ Liv adjusted her glasses and looked at a family photo.  [BUG]

16. (Camp) Fire ~ In another flash the twin balls of green fire were gone.  [TCB]

17. Fishing ~ Manda talked about tuna fishing.  [BUG]

18. Flashlight ~

19. Friends ~ Samantha behaving like a friend to Jasmyn.  [BUG]

20. Fun ~ “Like it’s been fun getting to know you, have a good life.”  [BUG]

21. Games ~ “Come in on Friday after the football game.” [BUG]

22. Gear ~ By the time I had moved into my teenage years, the feminist movement was in full gear.  [USP]

23. Grass ~ There had still been vague outlines in the dirt of the house and barns, remnants of the grass yard.  [BUG]

24. Guide ~ When I consistently do this, asking God to guide my thoughts and my tongue, my speech is much more effective, and God is glorified in the process.  [DY]

25. Heat ~ It was a cool and cavernous spot, in spite of the Sahara-like heat of the great pile.  [TCB]

26. Hike ~ Her father had tried to explain it to her little girl mind when they hiked.  [BUG]

27. Insects ~ And through it all,– through the lazy drone of insects, the rustling sighs of the tree tops and the subdued notes of living things ran a low and tremulous whispering, as if nature had found for itself a new language in this temporary absence of man.  [TCB]

28. Kits ~ “There’s brandy in our kit.”  [TCB]

29. Knife ~ “He’s eighty years old but still one of the sharper knives in the drawer.” [BUG]

30. Knowledge ~ “Knowledgeable.”  [BUG]

31. Lantern ~ Samantha and Jasmyn laughed now as they took down the orange Japanese lanterns.  [BUG]

32. Leader ~ Miriam and Aaron held the key powerful positions of priest and prophet, but they resented that Moses (their younger brother) was the leader.  [DY]

33. Location ~

34. Map ~ To the east was Hudson’s Bay; westward lay the black forests and twisting waterways of Upper Saskatchewan; and north– always north– beckoned the lonely plains and unmapped wildernesses of the Athabasca, the slave and the Great Bear,– toward which far country their trail was slowly but surely wending its way.  [TCB]

35. Marshmallows ~

36. Matches ~ If the word on the street is that her walk matches her talk, that’s saying a lot.  [DY]

37. Mountain ~ In her mind’s eye she saw again the desert floor, its massive display of valleys and mountains and rocks and vegetation.  [BUG]

38. Nature ~ Nature spoke to her as it had to her father and his parents before him.  [BUG]

39. Outdoors ~ “It’s a little unnerving to think about this group sleeping outdoors tonight.”  [BUG]

40. Overnight ~ “Took both of them practically overnight.” [BUG]

41. Peace ~ It’s a path of wholeness, abundant living, and peace when we choose to obey and walk in it.  [DY]

42. Plan ~ For all Live knew, he had a plan to get samples from both Jasmyn and these people.  [BUG]

43. Play ~ About a hundred yards away, like a kid’s erector play set, there were vertical and horizontal beams, crossing each other.  [BUG]

44. Remote ~

45. Rope ~ “Sit down, Neekewa,” she whispered, drawing the ropes of her hair about her as if she were cold.  [TCB]

46. Stars ~ “I noticed her because she was one of the stars, you know.” [BUG]

47. Tent ~ When God stopped speaking and the cloud lifted above the tent, Miriam had leprosy; her skin was like snow.  [DY]

48. Trail ~ Jasmyn’s imagination raced down one rabbit trail after another.  [BUG]

49. Vacation ~ “Quinn said you’re on vacation.”  [BUG]

50. Woods ~ And Jolly Roger, as he worked, was giving instructions to the girl, who was quick as a bird to bring him cloth which she tore into bandages, so that at the end of ten minutes Peter’s right hind leg was trussed up so tightly that it was as stiff and as useless as a piece of wood.  [TCB]


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June 2019 Scavenger Word List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “flavor”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.  THIS MONTH, I FINALLY WON!

1. Al Dente ~

2. Bake ~ Mamie was immersed in the kitchen, baking an abundance of Yule bread and black bun, the fragrance rivaling the confectionery on Water Street.  [Love’s Awakening]

3. Beat ~ “Opposition is growing fiercer toward those of us who help fugitives– more beatings, threats, torched homes and barns.” [LA]

4. Blend ~

5. Boil ~ One moment I was okay, the next, I was boiling with anger.  [Distinctly You]

6. Burn ~ But the sky above New Hope was clear and blue as a robin’s egg, and the letter she’d just received seemed to burn a hole in her pocket, spurring her on.  [LA]

7. Chill ~ A chill crept over Ellie despite the day’s heat.  [LA]

8. Chop ~

9. Cream ~ Not ebony but the hue of coffee with cream, born of a black mother and a white overseer.  [LA]

10. Cube ~

11. Dash ~

12. Dice ~

13. Drain ~ Oh, to rearrange time… drain the rivers dry so he couldn’t leave… send for Reverend Herron, who’d surely voice his objections to her wedding a rebllious Turlock when he’d expected a pious Cameron instead… becoming mistress of River Hill in the span of a blessed, passion-filled night… have Chloe returned to their care and begin a new life.  [LA]

14. Drizzle ~

15. Flavor ~ Zigzagging through a maze of short blocks, she made her way from the beach to the business area, a hodgepodge of beach culture and smalltown flavor.  [Between Us Girls]

16. Fold ~ Drawing her feet up on the stool’s edge, she wrapped her arms around her legs and the voluminous folds of her linen skirt, feeling like a little girl again.  [LA]

17. Freeze ~

18. Frost ~ A standing ovation soon freed the group from their balcony box, and they went out into the frosty night.  [LA]

19. Fry ~ They spoke of wild changes they would make to the restaurant, beginning with a French-themed decor, which made no sense at all unless they convinced people that the Eiffel Tower and French fries were somehow connected.  [BUG]

20. Grate ~ She snatched the shackles away and flung them into the hearth’s fire, where they clattered noisily against the grate.  [LA]

21. Grease ~

22. Grill ~

23. Grind ~ Inside the cavernous building, water poured over a huge mill wheel that operated alongside gears designed the century before for grinding grain.  [LA]

24. Hard ~ The hopelessness in her tone struck Ellie hard.  [LA]

25. Heat ~ see Chill.

26. Ice ~ Better to ponder the reality of the coming autumn with its corn stubble and spent fields… and winter’s rivers locked fast with ice, barring his way back to them.  [LA]

27. Knead ~ “It didn’t need nervous kneading.”  [BUG]

28. Layer ~ Biscuits layered with ham.  [LA]

29. Mash ~ They approached the bustling distillery, the scent of the mash tubs, seething with fermenting grain, overpowering and ripe.  [LA]

30. Measure ~ His balding pate shone in the dim light as he bent to measure a leg next, leaving Jack free to look about the tidy room.  [LA]

31. Melt ~ Something inside her melted.  [LA]

32. Mix ~ Ellie marveled that Mama almost made a game of it, having them practice their chosen names till they were comfortable as a well-worn garment, mixing up the slates and having everyone remember who they were with a great deal of high-spirited merriment.  [LA]

33. Mold ~

34. Oil ~ Taking her by the arm, he went inside the house, eyes trailing to the stairwell ceiling, where oil-brushed angels played their harps, reminding him again of Ellie.  [LA]

35. Oven ~ She wore flannel pajamas, ate homemade meatballs and spaghetti, and watched an evening newscast on the small television that sat next to the toaster oven on the countertop.  [BUG]

36. Pare ~

37. Peel ~

38. Pinch ~ She took a deep breath, feeling the pinch of her stays.  [LA]

39. Quarter ~ I did take my English teacher’s warning seriously and registered for a writing class each quarter.  [DY]

40. Raw ~ Why did she always feel so raw at the mere mention of him?  [LA]

41. Rise ~ “Nay, I prefer to swim sober,” Jack said, voice snatched by the rising wind.  [LA]

42. Scramble ~

43. Separate ~ Nothing could bridge the chasm that separated them.  [LA]

44. Skin ~ Strangely enough, his suit was comfortable as a second skin, the stock Sol had tied not overly tight.  [LA]

45. Smoke ~ He drew hard on his pipe and leaned back in his chair, studying her through skirls of smoke.  [LA]

46. Steam ~ “I’ve never ridden on a steamer.”  [LA]

47. Stir ~ The question, asked again and again, never failed to stir Ellie’s spirit.  [LA]

48. Toss ~ Then why did she feel so tossed about, her thoughts and emotions in a perpetual tangle?  [LA]

49. Warm ~ “It’s such a pretty day, not too warm.” [LA]

50. Whip ~ Smart as whips.  [BUG]


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May 2019 Scavenger Word List

Not to inundate with word lists, but I’m trying to catch up before the month gets too carried away..

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “embellish”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1. Accent ~ “Yes, monsieur, quite so,” he replied, with a strong German accent.  [Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes]

2. Alto ~

3. Bar ~ I turn to the bar lying on the ground in front of me: forty-five pounds of iron with two big twenty-five pound, rubber-padded plates stacked on the ends.  [This Is My Body]

4. Bass ~

5. Beat ~ I’d come to CrossFit to prepare my body for the beating it would take at the triathlon coming up in November.  [TIMB]

6. Blues ~ She stepped into his office without invitation and looked about with appraising blue eyes, her beauty undimmed by the passage of time.  [Love’s Awakening]

7. Brass ~ It was quite a large room, scrupulously clean, and presented a cheerful appearance with its varnished woodwork and polished brass.  [ALvHS]

8. Choir ~

9. County ~ And he was honest enough to admit he wanted to ingratiate himself with the most respected man in Allegheny County by bringing his beloved daughter home unharmed.  [LA]

10. Dance ~ This our, plural, reflects in the Christian interpretation the idea that God is not a lonely singularity but a community of three– a Trinity engaged in a constant dance of love, each member of the three moving in perfect, harmonious response to the others.  [TIMB]

11. Dominant ~

12. Drum ~ “Its citizens spend the Sabbath drinking, dueling, partying, and presenting slave dances to African drums in the public squares.”  [LA]

13. Duet ~

14. Eighth ~ A gift from his grandfather on his eighth birthday.  [LA]

15. Embellish ~ Ellie made a slight shadow in her ivory shawl, the lace embellishments shining beneath the light of moon and lantern.  [LA]

16. Encore ~

17. Flag ~ She dug for her handkerchief and dangled it before him like a white flag of truce, wondering if her family had erred in writing them off.  [LA]

18. Flat ~ As it was now almost dark, he walked close behind her and followed her into a five-story house of double flats and, therefore, occupied by numerous tenants.  [ALvHS]

19. Flute ~ A fluted glass held cherry pudding.  [LA]

20. Form ~ I observed his hands: they had been formed from a model of exceeding delicacy, long and slender; inoffensive, truly; and the hands of an artist…  [ALvHS]

21. Genre ~

22. Glee ~ He rubbed his hand, gleefully, at the thought that his duel with Lupin was drawing to a close, and he could not see any serious obstacle in the way of his success.  [ALvHS]

23. Grave ~ “One would imagine you were speaking over the grave of a friend.” [ALvHS]

24. Guitar ~ Friends and family came, and our reception featured local food and a swirling dance where fiddles, dulcimers, and guitars kept time together.  [TIMB]

25. Half ~A half hour passed away.  [ALvHS]

26. Harmony ~ A number of sandwich-men were parading through the street, one behind the other, carrying heavy canes with iron ferrules with which they struck the pavement in harmony, and, on their backs, they carried large posters, on which one could read the following notice: THE MATCH BETWEEN HERLOCK SHOLMES AND ARSENE LUPIN. ARRIVAL OF THE ENGLISH DETECTIVE CHAMPION. THE GREAT DETECTIVE ATTACKS THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE DIAMOND. READ THE DETAILS IN THE ÉCHO DE FRANCE.'” [ALvHS]

27. Hymn ~ Someone was humming… a hymn?  [LA]

28. Improvise ~ Instead I began– in fits and starts with improvisations and tangents– to become a part of a bigger story.  [TIMB]

29. Interval ~ The crowd had grown larger, and Sholmes perceived only at intervals the accomplices of Arsene Lupin.  [ALvHS]

30. Jazz ~ Earnest and hardworking, he grew salad greens and educated customers about the virtues of biodynamic farming while his two children, named after jazz singers, played among the vendors.  [TIMB]

31. Key ~ In a small satchel, the key to which was always carried by the consul himself, they found a bottle of dentifrice, and in that bottle they found the ring.  [ALvHS]

32. Loud ~ The sale was attended by all those who usually appear at similar events in Paris; those who buy, and those who make a pretense of being able to buy; bankers, brokers, artists, women of all classes, two cabinet ministers, an Italian tenor, an exiled king who, in order to maintain his credit, bid, with much ostentation, and in a loud voice, as high as one hundred thousand francs.  [ALvHS]

33. Lyric ~

34. Major ~ I’d been an environmentalist from a young age; my first major school paper in ninth grade was a review of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, a classic of the environmental movement that led to the ban of the pesticide DDT.  [TIMB]

35. Measure ~ “Arsene Lupin, satisfied that he has given them a mild reproof, hopes these gentlemen will not force him to resort to more stringent measures.” [ALvHS]

36. Natural ~ “Wilson, you should conceal your astonishment at an incident which is one of the most natural in the world.” [ALvHS]

37. Note ~ “Yes; I received your note at the tavern.” [ALvHS]

38. Organ ~ “It refers to the Echo de France, Lupin’s newspaper, his official organ, the one in which he publishes his communications.” [ALvHS]

39. Phrase ~ He stood for a moment, silent, with staring eyes, and then muttered, in short, sharp phrases: “Yes, that’s it… that will explain all… right at my feet… and I didn’t see it… ah, parbleu!  I should have thought of it before…” [ALvHS]

40. Pitch ~ He was roused to a high pitch of excitement.  [ALvHS]

41. Play ~ To entertain her friends, the countess seated herself at the piano to play for them, after first placing her jewels on a small table near the pano, and, amongst them, was the ring of the Baron d’Hautrec.  [ALvHS]

42. Practice ~ He has perfected his form through daily practice spent moving his body closer and closer to the ideal form for each lift.  [TIMB]

43. Record ~ “Yesterday I came here to search the cupboard that contains all of Monsieur Destange’s old papers and records.” [ALvHS]

44. Rest ~ “You can buy some underwear and linen to replenish our wardrobe, while I take a rest.”  [ALvHS]

45. Rhythm ~ And yet even in the healing environment of this conviviality, I began to feel like the pace of urban life– an 8-hr workday spent twiddling time away before a blue screen– was out of pace with the rhythm of a truly human life.  [TIMB]

46. Score ~He knocked out the ashes, filled it, lighted it, pulled the skirts of his dressing-gown over his knees and drew from his pipe great puffs of smoke which ascended toward the ceiling in scores of shadow rings.  [ALvHS]

47. Sharp ~ There was a sharp, desperate struggle, in the course of which Sholmes suspected that the man was trying to draw a knife.  [ALvHS]

48. Song ~ “I’m half the man I used to be” goes the old Stone Temple Pilots song, and the ascetics believed exactly this: that sin eats away at what is truly human and leaves us as half hollow-persons.  [TIMB]

49. Time ~ “It is, moreover, the length of time that I require to make preparations for my safety in case the solution of that affair should give you certain dangerous advantages over me.”  [ALvHS]

50. Voice ~ see Loud

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April 2019 Scavenger Word List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “finger”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

Once again I’m belatedly posting last month’s word list.  I didn’t find as many this time around, and got skunked by my word hunter-partner.

1. Alley ~

2. Approach ~ “Have you any letter for the post, Miss Halcombe?” he asked, approaching me, with the bag.  [The Woman in White]

3. Automatic ~

4. Bag ~Another reason (if I had wanted one) for not trusting my letters to the post-bag in the hall.  [WiW]

5. Ball ~ Thtat’s like a ball for a gorilla in the zoo: entertainment in a cage.  [This Is My Body]

6. Beer ~ “Can I have a beer, Dad?” said Luke, coming into the kitchen.  [Ashenden]

7. Blind ~ When I ventured to look up at the windows itself, I found that the top of it only was open, and that the blind inside was drawn down.  [WiW]

8. Block ~ I hurt, I am exhausted, but I also feel like my body has begun to tap into a purpose and reality I could never find in an office chair or even in a jog around the block.  [TIMB]

9. Blow ~ “It breaks the blow, by meeting it half way, and so on.” [WiW]

10. Bowling ~ Malcolm’s spirits kept rising as they bowled over the bright, cold water.  [The Marquis’ Secret]

11. Clean ~ “Keep her, I tell you; and have a woman in from the village to do the cleaning, and go away again.”  [WiW]

12. Creeper ~

13. Curve ~ When he reached the top, they were just vanishing round a curve, when his advance was checked.  [TMS]

14. Finger ~ “I could draw your secret out of you if you liked, as I draw this finger out of the palm of my hand– you know I could!”  [WiW]

15. Foul ~

16. Frame ~ “Next comes a young gentleman– but this is a picture in another frame, although of the same night– a young gentleman in evening dress, sipping his wine warm and comfortable in the bland temper that should follow the best of dinners, his face beaming with satisfaction after some boast concerning himself or with silent success in the concoction of one or two compliments to have at hand when he joins the ladies in the drawing room.”  [TMS]

17. Gutter ~ I believed that to be an obese person was to be as much of an addict as any gutter alcoholic.  [TIMB]

18. Hand ~ Laura was sitting alone at the far end of the of the room, her arms resting wearily on a table, and her face hidden in her hands.  [WiW]

19. Head ~ Over this, I put my black travelling cloak, and pulled the hood on to my head.  [WiW]

20. Hole ~ Close against one side of it, under shelter of the projecting roof, I discovered a little hole in the sand,– a hole artificially made, beyond a doubt.  [WiW]

21. Hook ~ In the kitchen, he bolted the door leading to the garden, and, in the vestibule, he not only locked the door but hooked the chain as well.  [Arsene Lupin Versus Herlock Sholmes]

22. Lane ~

23. Lift ~ “My exalted sentiments lift me above it.” [WiW]

24. Loft ~ Yet all the time she had a doubt whether this young man, whom it would certainly be improper to encourage by addressing from any level but one of lofty superiority, did not belong to a higher sphere than theirs; while certainly no man could be more unpresuming or less forward, even when opposing this opinion to theirs.  [TMS]

25. Miss ~ “When he noticed, just now, that I looked distressed, it was my painful duty to tell him why I was distressed; and I frankly acknowledge to you, Miss Halcombe, that I have told him.”  [TMS]

26. Mixer ~

27. Open ~ In my haste and agitation, I left the door of the antechamber open– but I closed the door of the bedroom the moment I was inside it.  [WiW]

28. Perfect ~ I am threatened, if I fail to exert myself in the manner required, with consequences which I cannot so much as think of, without perfect prostration.  [WiW]

29. Pin ~

30. Pit ~ In other words, he descended immediately into a bottomless pit of confusion; and the Young Person followed him down.  [WiW]

31. Pocket ~ He stalked out into the verandah, put his hands in his pockets, and resumed the ‘recitativo of Moses,’ sotto voce, in the garden.  [WiW]

32. Rake ~

33. Reset ~

34. Roll ~ The gardener had heard him shouting and cursing att he lodge-keeper to get up and open the gate– had heard the wheels roll furiously on again, in the still of the night, when the gate was unlocked– and knew no more.  [WiW]

35. Score ~

36. Set ~ He brought on board with him a lad of Peter’s acquaintance and, now fully manned, they set sail again and by the time the sun appeared were not far from Peterhead.  [TMS]

37. Shirt ~ I was wearing a T-shirt I liked that had become a bit too small over the winter.  [TIMB]

38. Shoes ~ “Do her shoes creak?”  [WiW]

39. Soda ~ The station stands just before the last seven-mile stretch, floodlights in the woods illuminating tables stacked withe peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, pickles, pretzels, gummy bears, Gatorade, soda, and water.  [TISB]

40. Spare ~ The first window belonged to a spare room, which was empty.  [WiW]

41. Split ~ Sausage and mash was a dish that hardly depended on split-second timing; even so, having the constituent parts ready within something approximating the same hour was proving a challenge.  [Ash.]

42. Straight ~ “Then, of course,” said Izzie, “you’ve also got to be perfectly straight with them.”  [Ash.]

43. Stand ~ “Stand back, Lizzy!” cried Malcolm.  [TMS]

44. Strike ~ So cold, so cold– oh, that rain last night!– and the strokes of the clock, the strokes I can’t count, keep striking in my head–  [WiW]

45. Sweep ~ Sweeping, incisive denunciation, logic and poetry combining in one torrent of genuine eloquence, poured confusion and dismay upon head and heart of all those who set themselves up for pillars of the church without first practicing the first principles of the doctrine of Christ.  [TMS]

46. Target ~ This form of “stalking” is an effective way to keep track of your targets, which could include current and prospective customers, competitors, or organizations with which you are seeking employment.  [The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success]

47. Team ~

48. Ten ~ I made no memorandum at the time, and I cannot therefore be sure to a day, of the date; but I believe I am correct in stating that Miss Halcombe’s serious illness began during the last fortnight or ten days in June.  [WiW]

49. Towel ~ When I finish my run this morning, I’m sweating so much I have to lay out a towel on the car seat to keep the fabric from getting soaked.  [TIMB]

50. Turkey ~ With rats and mice, cats and owls and creaks and cracks, there was no quiet about the place from night to morning; and with swallows and rooks, cocks and kine, horses and foals, dogs and pigeons, turkeys and geese and every farm creature but pigs– which, with all her zootrophy, Clementina did not like– no quiet from morning to night.  [TMS]



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March 2019 Scavenger Word List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “chicken”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

I’m getting this post done rather late, but I am rather proud of myself for having found more words than usual and also beat my game-playing rival for this month!

1.  Amusement ~ Was this some grotesque scene of abuse, perverse amusement instigated by the Gestapo, forced upon these women?  [The End of Law]

2.  Animals ~ “Afterwards Maria painted one of the nursery walls with all the animals going into the Ark, two by two.”  [Ashenden]

3.  Blue (ribbon) ~

4.  Booth ~ They’d crammed into one of the booths at the back, sharing headphones to listen to the latest Judas Priest album, and then left without buying it.  [Ash]

5.  Bumper cars ~

6.  Cakes ~ “We have drunk all the tea and eaten all the cake.”  [Ash]

7.  Candy Apple ~

8.  Celebrate ~ “Is that a cause for celebration?”  [Ash]

9.  Cheer ~ Karl was instantly cheered.  [EoL]

10.  Chicken ~ Mrs. Vesey took her dimpled hands off the edge of the table and crossed them on her lap instead; nodded contemplatively at the boiled chicken, and said, “Yes, dear.”  [The Woman in White]

11.  Concession ~ This concession, and the wealth and privilege that she wrongly assumed lay behind it, made her famous.  [Ash]

12.  Corn Dog ~

13.  Cotton Candy ~

14.  Cow ~ “The company coming, and the accident to the brindled cow, was all the news I had to take to the farm.”  [WiW]

15.  Enjoy ~ And in Leipzig, having secured Professor Schmidt’s promise of assistance in delivering Greta from the asylum, Karl and his wife were free to enjoy what might well be the last Saturday evening they would ever spend together.  [EoL]

16.  Entertainment ~ To his annoyance, this particular entertainment was increasingly in doubt.  [EoL]

17.  Exhibit ~ Over a fortnight ago, a February evening, he had been sitting at his worktable at home in the apartment on the Lower East Side he shared with his second wife, Rachel, correcting the proofs of a catalog to accompany a retrospective exhibition of his photographs.  [Ash]

18.  Fairground ~

19.  Ferris Wheel ~

20.  Food ~ “The old woman’s fast asleep in the chimney corner, but I know where she keeps the food and drink.”  [Ash]

21.  First ~ First, Margeurite screamed repeatedly for Hedda to come outside, the pitch and excitement in her voice jolting Hedda to a most unwelcome state of immediate terror and alerting the Gestapo officers to stand to attention and present their rifles in readiness for action.  [EoL]

22.  Fried ~

23.  Fun ~ He began to see that she might be fun.  [Ash]

24.  Funnel Cake ~

25.  Game ~ Hedda sighed, looked at him as if to imply she was in no mood for his games; she knew what was coming.  [EoL]

26.  Gate ~ He let himself in by the lych-gate.  [Ash]

27.  Goat ~ ” What really gets my goat is that she didn’t even pretend to take part.”  [Ash]

28.  Hotdog ~

29.  House ~ That was quite enough, he resolved; he would damn well go home to his house this evening whether she liked it or not!  [EoL]

30.  Ice Cream ~

31.  Jam/Jelly ~ The table where they ate their meals was strewn with copper jelly molds drying on linen glass cloths.  [Ash]

32.  Joy ~ And then the memory illumined his thoughts and he turned joyously to behold his wife still dozing beside him.  [EoL]

33.  Lemonade ~ “Now, what next?” said Frances, fishing a slice of lemon out of her lemonade and putting it in her bag.  [Ash]

34.  Midway ~ She tiptoed back across the hall to the kitchen and found Cook had also stopped midway in her cleaning of the kitchen  [EoL]

35.  Music ~ The sense of peace and seclusion soothed all thought and feeling into a rapt, unearthly repose; and the balmy quiet that deepened ever with the deepening light, seemed to hover over us with a gentler influence still, when there stole upon it from the piano the heavenly tenderness of the music of Mozart.  [WiW]

36.  Party ~ After Mrs. Hastings had gone they stopped being a party of visitors and became three separate people.  [Ash]

37.  Pies ~ The parlor smelled of stale ale, tobacco, and pies. [Ash]

38.  Pig ~ Rose said, “Oh no, Miss Clara and Master Georgie are greedy little pigs, they are.”  [ASh]

39.  Place ~ see Second

40.  Popcorn ~

41.  Rides ~

42.  Roll ~ Hedda, perched on the arm of the chintz roll-back sofa, watched him intently, her loathing and anger two serpents circling her heart.  [EoL]

43.  Second ~ For a couple of seconds, he could not place himself; could not make sense of the floral wallpaper and the absence of a window directly before his vision.  [EoL]

44.  Smells ~ She came across the room to give him a hug and he could smell sandalwood in her hair.  [Ash]

45.  State ~ Now, as Saturday late afternoon encroached and his weekend was half over, Walter was filled with a sense of waste and a gathering resentment against Hedda for the state he was in.  [EoL]

46.  Swing ~ People were swinging them, carrying them like glowing orbs or suns, holding them up to each other’s faces.  [Ash]

47.  Tent ~  It was a familiar feeling: over the years he’d woken up in boardinghouses, tents, three-, four-, and five- star hotels, shacks, on the backseats of cars and airport floors, in Beirut, Tokyo, New Orleans, Rio, and Pretoria, and had had the same momentary feeling of dislocation.  [Ash]

48.  Third ~ Behind them, a third was unsure whether to drop his rifle from the attitude he maintained as he followed the chaotic antics before him with his bayonet, as though he were somehow causing the women to move.  [EoL]

49.  Vegetables ~ “Because he was busy checking up on how many cripples and vegetables he had to order drugs for, to put them out of their misery!”  [EoL]

50.  Win ~ “Admire his collection of coins, prints, and water-colour drawings, and you will win his heart.”   [WiW]

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February 2019 Word List

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “disability”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

1.  Accident ~ In a long attic room which became known as the hospital, the improvised beds were not only filled with cases of fracture and accident of every description, but with the victims of exhaustion, and of various sicknesses resulting from the dank and unhealthy conditions.  [Gormenghast]

2.  Action ~ I have found that something gets stale or dried up only when I become aware of outer effects or of watching my actions rather than staying involved and truly executing them.  [Respect for Acting]

3.  Address ~ I like to think of this section as your cover letter, because in it you address the reader just as you would in a traditional cover letter.  [The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success]

4.  Bachelor ~ Much as he hated to contemplate the possibility that Walter might already be returning to his bachelor habits, it seemed a logical conclusion.  [The End of Law]

5.  Ballet ~

6.  Bedroom ~ “To climb in at your bedroom window would be highly hazardous.”  [G]

7.  Bells ~ At last and about the time that the four possible floors had been proved as empty as tongueless bells, a message came down that lights had been seen across the bay.  [G]

8.  Boyfriend ~

9.  Building ~ The buildings on the far side loomed, and a blot of ebony blackness that appeared to float in the gun-grey air showed where the thorn tree grew.  [G]

10.  Car ~ “The car will be here in ten minutes.”  [EoL]

11.  Christmas ~ In spite of his best efforts to incapacitate memory with strong liquor, Walter recalled Christmases in the family home; the sweeping staircase, the ten-foot high Christmas tree twinkling in the hallway, how its lights would glint like stars on the marble floor.  [EoL]

12.  Coast ~ My travelling instructions directed me to go to Carlisle, and then to diverge by a branch railway which ran in the direction of the coast.  [The Woman in White]

13.  Couch ~ “Couch him.”  [G]

14.  Cross ~ “I crossed my tracks.”  [G]

15.  Deck ~ One glance into the room decked with balloons and streamers, full of busy maids and frenetic children all wearing plastic aprons covered in cream and jelly, told Hedda all was more than fine with her children.  [EoL]

16.  Disability ~

17.  Embrace ~ The audience is kept outside the actor’s experience, prevented from entering his or her creative realm and push away rather than embraced.  [The Actor Speaks]

18.  Empire ~ A panic possessed him and he ran as he had never run before, turning left and right like a wild creature as he made his way ever deeper into a nether empire.  [G]

19.  Europe ~ Though he knew little of music, he had been exposed, thanks to his mother and father, to enough classical works to be able to hold a superficial conversation about the relative merits of the great Eastern European and German composers.  [EoL]

20.  Explain ~ “There was no time to be lost and though there could never be any excuse, and although I can never ask for forgiveness, yet you must allow me a short moment in which to explain my violence.”  [G]

21.  Feelings ~ “I’ve felt too much, I’m sick of feelings… I’m frightened of them.” [G]

22.  Fiancee ~

23.  Friends ~ Public transportation, farmers’ markets, a 60-hr work week in a job you’re passionate about, a vibrant group of interesting friends, an ethical wardrobe, ocean swimming twice a week, and meditation each night.  [Slow]

24.  Grandmother ~ “After all, you can’t take a three-year-old to a flu-ridden grandmother.”  [EoL]

25.  Heaven ~ “Oh God in Heaven, where?”  [G]

26.  Hospital ~ see Accident

27.  Injure ~ He had grieved a little for Agnette when she was injured, but he could not afford to luxuriate in such an emotion if he was to eliminate effectively other people’s children.  [EoL]

28.  Live ~ It’s an invitation to live, not just exist.  [S]

29.  Man ~ Together they tiptoed to the dormitory door and, once without, walked rapidly in the darkness, the bearded man with his hand upon the boy’s elbow.  [G]

30.  Mediterranean ~

31.  Meet ~ “The first one is to ask you from the bottom of my heart to try to understand the strain which was put upon me, and to ask you whether, even if it is for the last time, you will meet me, as we have done for so long, meet me that we can talk for a little while,– not about us, not about our trouble, not about my faults, not about this terrible chasm between us, but about all the happy things.”  [G]

32.  Midnight ~ The children had ceased to run about, although in other years they had sported tirelessly until midnight.  [G]

33.  New York ~ I got in a few rehearsals with the New York company before playing with them, except for Marlon!  [RfA]

34.  Observation ~ “We could clearly see this through the observation window.”  [EoL]

35.  Ocean ~ Her fascination seemed, nonetheless, as profound as any child’s wonder might be upon, for example, beholding the ocean for the first time.  [EoL]

36.  Page ~

37. Paintings ~ On each wall, as far as the eye could see, were affixed paintings of all sizes, expertly hung and spaced.  [EoL]

38.  Place ~It was Flay’s first idea that they should go together, but they had no sooner taken the first few silent paces than the sudden disappearance of Steerpike reminded Flay that it was only from the particular place where they had been lying that they could keep a check upon his movements.  [G]

39.  Player ~

40.  Rejected ~ My sister reminded me that this gentleman had expressly placed his services at my disposal, during the present season, in case I wished to leave town; my mother seriously appealed to me not to let an idle caprice stand in the way of my own interests and health; and Pesca piteously entreated that I would not wound him to the heart, by rejecting the first grateful offer of service that he had been able to make to the friend who had saved his life.  [WiW]

41.  Share ~ Here, Goering leaned towards Walter and lifted his right hand to his mouth as if he were sharing a secret, and lowered his voice in mock caution.  [EoL]

42.  Shawl ~ But the breast of the great bay, which, from the dark interior of Steerpike’s refuge, appeared luminous was, in reality, as the moments passed, drawing across its nakedness shawl after shawl of shadow.  [G]

43.  State ~ Titus was in no state to give an explanation now.  [G]

44.  Street ~ I don’t want to have to hurdle the realities I’ve created in the play for time and place by having to use the audience in the theater on the 45th Street in 1973 as is.  [RfA]

45.  Time ~ I work hard to get things done in order to give myself time for slow.  [S]

46.  Visit ~ “If this were only a social visit I think you might have arranged it in advance in the usual way.” [EoL]

47.  Walk ~ see Man

48.  Wedding ~ The inevitable society wedding followed with well-oiled efficiency, and took place in the spring of 1934.  [EoL]

49.  Wheelchair ~ In her side room, however, Hedda could see nothing and so could not see how the children were treated; could not tell if any were rolled away silently in their beds or in wheelchairs to a place from which they would never emerge alive.  [EoL]

50.  Woman ~ “Man, woman and child shall be given their orders-of-search.” [G]

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January 2019 Word List

I am going to try something new.  I don’t know how this will go or if I will keep it up, but I thought I’d share a fun reading habit I’ve been doing lately.

As recently mentioned, I tried a couple reading groups on goodreads to sort of spice up my reading life.  The first one (The Seasonal Reading Challenge, in case you’re interested) contained challenges where you had to find books that fit into certain categories, like genres, page totals, book cover art, and titles or author’s names that spell out certain words.  This would probably appeal to folks who don’t know what to read next or who want to expand their reading comfort zones.  I did not make it very long in this group mainly because of my strict adherence to my own lists.  The second group also has rigid rules but they do have one particular challenge I’m liking: word scavenger hunts!

Every month (and other alternative timelines), they provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “bells”).  If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down.  It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month.  This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast.  I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.

I have found that one of the benefits of practicing these scavenger hunts is that I pay much more attention to the particular words I read.  In addition to the monthly lists, I also participate in a long-term Color Word list and am enjoying the wonderful descriptions I come across.

My findings don’t qualify to enter in the group forum because they have a few more rules than I care to follow, so I will just log it in my own post here.  But for those interested, the goodreads group is called “The Lost Challenges”.  There are far more reading games than just hunting for words and they may appeal to you more.  Are there any reading challenges you’re enjoying in this new year?

1. Bean ~ I am really a stickler on this, and it is not just because I am trained as a bean counter and like all the boxes checked.  [The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success]
2. Bears
3. Beef ~ For those readers who are old enough, think of the Wendy’s commercial from the eighties in which the elderly ladies asked “Where’s the beef?” as they looked at a tiny hamburger patty dwarfed by a massive bun.  [TPFfLS]
4. Big ~ Walking out into the rain as though it were not there, she moved through the downpour with a monumental and unhurried measure, her big head lifted.  [Gormenghast]
5. Boys ~ Yet for all that, Titus was conscious of always being watched: of a discrepancy in the attitude of the officials and even at times of the boys.  [G…]
6. Bulls ~ Of a sudden the dusk, knocking as it were a certain hollow note to which their sweet ribs echoed, they were in the air– a group of herons, their necks arched back, their ample and rounded wings rising and falling in leisurely flight: and then another and then another: and then a night heron with a ghastly and hair-raising croak, more terrible than the unearthly booming note of a pair of bitterns, who soaring and spiralling upwards and through the clouds to great heights above Gormenghast, boomed like bulls as they ascended.  [G…]
7. City ~ The arrow flies continuously around the city at breakneck speed without landing on a specific target.  [Rhythms of Rest]
8. Cloud ~ Lost in the flying clouds the craggy summits of Gormenghast were wild with straining hair– the hanks of the drenched rock-weed.  [G…]
9. Comedy ~ In tragedy and comedy and satire and farce– in anything that is worthy of the stage,– conflict is at the root.  [Respect for Acting]
10. Court ~ His hunched shoulders, his pallor, his dark-red eyes had never encouraged intimacy even supposing he had ever courted it.  [G…]
11. Crown ~ Now he was climbing a slope of reddish sandstone; now he was skirting a rock-face whose crown overhung its base and whose extensive surface was knuckly with the clay nests of innumerable martins; now the walnut-covered slopes from where, each evening, with hideous regularity a horde of owls set sail on bloody missions.  [G…]
12. Cubs
13. Deep ~ “I would like to show you what I have found, away to the south, your Ladyship, where the granite domes are elbow-deep in moss.” [G…]
14. Dibs
15. Dish ~ And then one day, while drying the dishes, of all things, God stripped away my greatest illusion.  [RofR]
16. Fields ~ But, dark as was the day, it had no power to suppress the craving which had been mounting for weeks– the craving to ride and ride when the rest of the world lay in bed: to drink the spring air in giant gulps as his horse galloped beneath him over the April fields, beyond the Outer Dwellings.  [G…]
17. Food ~ A mingling of wet, scrubbed floors, unaired rooms, and food for a hundred people always steaming on the stove.  [Dear Enemy]
18. Fountain ~ An impromptu theatrical gathering of young children splash in the nearby fountain, hiking their pants above their knees until it becomes a nuisance.  [RofR]
19. Friendly ~ But there was nothing on fire except the tobacco in his pipe and as he lay supine, the white wreaths billowing from his wide, muscular and lipless mouth (rather like the mouth of a huge and friendly lizard), he evinced so brutal a disregard for his own and other people’s windpipes as made one wonder how this man could share the selfsame world with hyacinths and damsels.  [G…]
20. Gate
21. Grow ~ And so, at her funeral, the majority of the mourners were gathered there, to pay their respects to the memory not so much of Mrs. Slagg, as to the legend which the tiny creature had, all unwittingly, allowed to grow about her.  [G…]
22. Gym Shoes
23. Hotdog
24. Jewels ~ Their peurile ambition and vanity– and their only too obvious longing to assume, one day, the roles in which they were always seeing themselves, the roles of ladies, great and splendid, bedecked with jewels, precluded any such idea as suicide.  [G…]
25. Lake ~ It is seven years since he watched from the attic window the procession far below him wind back from Gormenghast lake, where Titus had come into his Earldom, but nothing has happened to him during the long years apart from the annual arrival of fresh works to be added to the coloured carvings in the long room.  [G…]
26. Lincoln
27. Loop  ~ Steerpike uncoiled himself of the rope and looped it over a nail in the wall.  [G…]
28. Mother-in-Law  ~ It’s the third week of Advent, and my mother-in-law, Geri, left Phoenix and is flying on windwings heading east.  [RofR]
29. Museum ~ Instead of wandering through a museum or sightseeing somewhere different, I lose myself in watching people give themselves permission to playfully rest.  [RofR]
30. Navy ~ One boy wades unabashedly in his underwear and a striped navy sweater.  [RofR]
31. Park ~ From a park bench, beneath a canopy of ancient trees with long tendrils swaying from Spanish moss, I hear the distant sound of an ambulance siren and birds chirping in the various “dialects”.  [RofR]
32. Pier
33. Pioneer
34. Pizza ~ We cook every night except Fridays when we eat pizza (and it’s amazing), and we don’t really do processed snack food.  [Slow]
35. Pop ~ Now consider that you are surrounded by cracked and peeling walls and ceilings, have wrinkled pop posters pasted to the walls, walk on bare floorboards, and sit on a rickety stool at an oilcloth-covered table in front of a lumpy burlap-covered studio couch, drinking beer from a can to the accompaniment of the Beatles and a leaky faucet, while you look out of the streaked window at a fire escape against a blackened brick wall.  [RforA]
36. Props
37. Ribbon ~ Their curls bounce beneath felt hats trimmed in dark satin ribbon  [RofR]
38. Sears
39. Second ~ (Bought them second-hand from Doctor Brice in the village, who is putting in, for the gratification of his own patients, white enamel and nickel-plate.)  [DE]
40. Shore  ~ From the high-rise hotel, I stare over the vastness of sky meeting water and wonder over what God is planning for us beyond the horizon, on the shores of England.  [RofR]
41. Shoulders ~ It was more like the shadow of a young man, a shadow with high shoulders, that moved across whiteness, than an actual body moving in space.  [G…]
42. Slider
43. Sports
44. Style ~ What she lacked was the power to combine and make a harmony out of the various parts that, though exquisite in themselves, bore no relationship either in style, period, grain, colour or fabric to one another.  [G…]
45. Taste ~ But he tasted the sharp fruits of the quick bridle-wrench which had freed him from the ostler.  [G…]
46. Tower ~ It played with sere flags, dodged through arches, spiralled with impish whistles up hollow towers and chimneys until, diving down a saw-toothed fissure in a pentagonal roof, it found itself surrounded by stern portraits– a hundred sepia faces cracked with spiders’ webs; found itself being drawn towards a grid in the stone floor and, giving way it sang its way past seven storeys and was, all at once, in a hall of dove-grey light and was clasping Titus in a noose of air.  [G…]
47. Town ~ “I am so glad you were able tos pend a little time with our ladies while you were in town.” [RofR]
48. Washroom
49. Wet ~ The face was wet.  [G…]
50. Windy


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