June 2019 Scavenger Word List

04 Jul

Every month (and other alternative timelines), The Lost Challenges provide new scavenger lists of up to 50 words to look for while reading whatever you choose to read (for example, the current list includes the word “flavor”). If I come across that word while reading, I mark it down. It’s fun to see how many I can find by the end of the month. This works well if you have more than one book going at a time like me, or read very fast. I do it along with another person I know and we compare lists to see who found the most words.  THIS MONTH, I FINALLY WON!

1. Al Dente ~

2. Bake ~ Mamie was immersed in the kitchen, baking an abundance of Yule bread and black bun, the fragrance rivaling the confectionery on Water Street.  [Love’s Awakening]

3. Beat ~ “Opposition is growing fiercer toward those of us who help fugitives– more beatings, threats, torched homes and barns.” [LA]

4. Blend ~

5. Boil ~ One moment I was okay, the next, I was boiling with anger.  [Distinctly You]

6. Burn ~ But the sky above New Hope was clear and blue as a robin’s egg, and the letter she’d just received seemed to burn a hole in her pocket, spurring her on.  [LA]

7. Chill ~ A chill crept over Ellie despite the day’s heat.  [LA]

8. Chop ~

9. Cream ~ Not ebony but the hue of coffee with cream, born of a black mother and a white overseer.  [LA]

10. Cube ~

11. Dash ~

12. Dice ~

13. Drain ~ Oh, to rearrange time… drain the rivers dry so he couldn’t leave… send for Reverend Herron, who’d surely voice his objections to her wedding a rebllious Turlock when he’d expected a pious Cameron instead… becoming mistress of River Hill in the span of a blessed, passion-filled night… have Chloe returned to their care and begin a new life.  [LA]

14. Drizzle ~

15. Flavor ~ Zigzagging through a maze of short blocks, she made her way from the beach to the business area, a hodgepodge of beach culture and smalltown flavor.  [Between Us Girls]

16. Fold ~ Drawing her feet up on the stool’s edge, she wrapped her arms around her legs and the voluminous folds of her linen skirt, feeling like a little girl again.  [LA]

17. Freeze ~

18. Frost ~ A standing ovation soon freed the group from their balcony box, and they went out into the frosty night.  [LA]

19. Fry ~ They spoke of wild changes they would make to the restaurant, beginning with a French-themed decor, which made no sense at all unless they convinced people that the Eiffel Tower and French fries were somehow connected.  [BUG]

20. Grate ~ She snatched the shackles away and flung them into the hearth’s fire, where they clattered noisily against the grate.  [LA]

21. Grease ~

22. Grill ~

23. Grind ~ Inside the cavernous building, water poured over a huge mill wheel that operated alongside gears designed the century before for grinding grain.  [LA]

24. Hard ~ The hopelessness in her tone struck Ellie hard.  [LA]

25. Heat ~ see Chill.

26. Ice ~ Better to ponder the reality of the coming autumn with its corn stubble and spent fields… and winter’s rivers locked fast with ice, barring his way back to them.  [LA]

27. Knead ~ “It didn’t need nervous kneading.”  [BUG]

28. Layer ~ Biscuits layered with ham.  [LA]

29. Mash ~ They approached the bustling distillery, the scent of the mash tubs, seething with fermenting grain, overpowering and ripe.  [LA]

30. Measure ~ His balding pate shone in the dim light as he bent to measure a leg next, leaving Jack free to look about the tidy room.  [LA]

31. Melt ~ Something inside her melted.  [LA]

32. Mix ~ Ellie marveled that Mama almost made a game of it, having them practice their chosen names till they were comfortable as a well-worn garment, mixing up the slates and having everyone remember who they were with a great deal of high-spirited merriment.  [LA]

33. Mold ~

34. Oil ~ Taking her by the arm, he went inside the house, eyes trailing to the stairwell ceiling, where oil-brushed angels played their harps, reminding him again of Ellie.  [LA]

35. Oven ~ She wore flannel pajamas, ate homemade meatballs and spaghetti, and watched an evening newscast on the small television that sat next to the toaster oven on the countertop.  [BUG]

36. Pare ~

37. Peel ~

38. Pinch ~ She took a deep breath, feeling the pinch of her stays.  [LA]

39. Quarter ~ I did take my English teacher’s warning seriously and registered for a writing class each quarter.  [DY]

40. Raw ~ Why did she always feel so raw at the mere mention of him?  [LA]

41. Rise ~ “Nay, I prefer to swim sober,” Jack said, voice snatched by the rising wind.  [LA]

42. Scramble ~

43. Separate ~ Nothing could bridge the chasm that separated them.  [LA]

44. Skin ~ Strangely enough, his suit was comfortable as a second skin, the stock Sol had tied not overly tight.  [LA]

45. Smoke ~ He drew hard on his pipe and leaned back in his chair, studying her through skirls of smoke.  [LA]

46. Steam ~ “I’ve never ridden on a steamer.”  [LA]

47. Stir ~ The question, asked again and again, never failed to stir Ellie’s spirit.  [LA]

48. Toss ~ Then why did she feel so tossed about, her thoughts and emotions in a perpetual tangle?  [LA]

49. Warm ~ “It’s such a pretty day, not too warm.” [LA]

50. Whip ~ Smart as whips.  [BUG]


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