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Audio Theatre Central, please and thank-you!

If you enjoy audio dramas (especially well-made ones) and have not yet checked out the Audio Theatre Central podcast, you need to do so ASAP.  These guys have the latest news concerning all things audio drama.  Not only that, they are very knowledgeable about their subject matter and have insider information.  What I particularly appreciate is their continual clarion call to excellent standards within the industry.  And we’re talking FAMILY FRIENDLY stuff here, folks (what a relief)!  No gore, no filth– just good quality auditory imagination.  Yes, it exits.  *Make sure to check out Episode 124 in particular, where yours truly gets a shout out!  😉

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Sonic-Con 2020 on My Radar!

When I first heard of Sonic-Con 2020, I didn’t know what ‘sonic’ meant.  I had to look it up.  The exploration led to this result: “of or relating to sound”.  I’d heard of Comic-Con, but what was Sonic-Con?  I was intrigued to follow the link to the website and was excited to see names such as Katie Leigh and Phil Lollar (if you grew up with Adventures in Odyssey, you’ll know why).  Later, I got the chance to listen to Audio Theatre Central’s podcast featuring an interview with Sonic-Con’s initiator, Chris Nelson, and was able to learn more exciting details.  It’ll be a three day convention of all things audio drama with very reasonable prices, depending on how soon you book in advance.  (Please listen to ATC’s episode 123 as they ask practical questions and provide all the necessary information.)  I’ve pretty much set my heart on going to this first-ever audio drama forgathering in Lynchburg, VA in March 2020!  And the best part is it will be all family friendly!

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2018 Audio Theatre Central Seneca Awards Night

The Audio Theatre Central Seneca Awards were held last night, and by my good fortune I just happened to stumble across it and stayed up late listening to it live.  (You can view my post about the nominations here.)  Although I missed more quality productions from Focus on the Family Radio Theatre in recent years, and am missing Aaron Fuller’s influence on the G.A. Henty Heirloom Audio Production, the new show The Adventum (which won Best Long Form Audio Drama) sounds very interesting.  I also loved the emphasis put on the connection between old-time radio dramas and today’s auditory adventures.  You can click here to listen to the awards, and to find out more about family-friendly God-honoring drama!

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2018 ATC Seneca Awards

Like audio dramas?  Audio Theatre Central has announced the nominees for the 2018 Seneca Awards, which recognizes the best in the audio drama production industry.  Winners will be announced in July.  As a plus, these are all family friendly stories, so they can be enjoyed on those long summer vacation road trips!  There are so many exciting things happening in the audio world.  I’m really looking forward to The Adventum!  Posts to as many trailers as I can find are below:

Operation Mosul (The Brinkman Adventures)

The Treasure of the Secret Cove (Lamplighter Theatre)

The Adventum, Vol. 1

Black Rock (The Shadow Remake)

Escape from the Eagle’s Nest (Lamplighter Theatre)

Come and See

Heirloom Audio Productions have also come out with St. Bartholomew’s Eve and For the Temple, but unfortunately I could not find trailers for those.  And Lamplighter Theatre’s quality seems to be improving every year!


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More Audio Dramas- Last of the Mohicans!

There’s more free audio drama immersion to be had right now on BBC Radio 4 with James Fenimoore Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans”!  I’m looking forward to hitting play on this one.  Reading the book can be a struggle, and the movie is very much changed from the book.  But the story is such an evocative tale set in the early days of American history and an exciting one to boot!.  Plan to enjoy listening soon because this is only available for a limited time.

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Father Brown stories – BBC Audio Drama

In the mood for some cozy mysteries?  I discovered Father Brown is playing on BBC Radio 4 and wanted to post a notice.  I haven’t listened to them yet, but I am hoping they are much more intellectually stimulating and truer to the books than the recent BBC tv series (I was disappointed with those).  These only play for a limited time, so make sure you act on it soon!  Ta-ta!

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2019 Audie Awards Finalists

The finalists for the 2019 Audie Awards have been announced and for the first time, I’ve gone through all 24 categories and made my choices IMHO.  It’s rather like the Oscars; in fact the Audies are like the Academy Awards for audiobooks.  Let it be known that I haven’t listened to any of these books in their entirety, only just the 3-4 min. excerpts available on AudioFile Magazine’s website.  Let it also be known that just because I approve of a narrator’s capability in delivering the material doesn’t necessarily mean I approve of the material itself.  Who do you think deserves to win?

Audio Drama: The Martian Invasion of Earth (hear trailer here)

Audiobook of the Year: Calypso

Autobiography/Memoir: Letter to Louis

Best Female Narrator: Girls & Boys

Best Male Narrator: Harry Clarke

Business/Personal Development: The Courage to Be Disliked

Faith-Based: not enough info.

Fantasy: Spinning Silver

Fiction: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

History/Biography: Robin

Humor: Noir

Literary Fiction & Classics: Bleak House

Middle Grade: Louisiana’s Way Home

Multi-Voiced Performance: not enough info.

Mystery: The Mystery of Three-Quarters

Narrated by Author: My Pride

Non-Fiction: Eager

Original Work: Magus Elgar

Science Fiction: Artemis

Short Stories: You Think It, I’ll Say It

Suspense: The Outsider

Romance: skipped.

Young Adult: The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

Young Listeners: Her Right Foot



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