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Random Books Post: from a Church Library

Time to go.

Hi!  Recently my church library did a big book purge because the church is getting ready to add on, remodel, and move.  It was fun to be involved in the process!  Along with that came the responsibility to go through the fiction and pare down to about 50%, partly due to our goal of being an up to date, fresh and “flowing” library.  A youth pastor sorted through the nonfiction.  In order to decide what stayed and what didn’t, we asked ourselves a couple of questions: 1) Is it a good book?  2) Will this book be used here?  And then, I had couple of pet-peeves that helped to pare down our library a little further, such as purging overly saccharine romance and almost all of the AMISH fiction (of course!).  I also took out series that took up lots of shelf space, and books that may be good books but realistically looked too dated for the average person to be interested in (like, handdrawn pioneers in 1980’s nighties… Yuck!).  I to the stacks books that all the loyal library lovers at our church had already been through, figuring they were in need of some “fresh blood”.

So what did I choose to keep?  I tried to keep a little of the popular authors (particularly more of their stand-alone novels, and newer works).  I tried to bring more balance to the different genres.  And (as was recommended to me), the ones I’d cry over if they weren’t there.  I hope I chose well.  I can’t wait to put in the new stuff and reopen in the fall!

What I did next was totally separate from my decision on whether to keep a book in the library or not: I went through the stacks and adopted some as my own before they were carted off for donation.  Therefore, I have another Random Book Post, where I share my latest home library additions.  Not all of these are from church, but a good two stacks of them are:

Have you ever been put in a position to kick or keep books on the shelves?  How did you decide?  Share any latest book finds with me!



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End of Year Random Book Post

Must do this post because my current new stack would fall over if it wasn’t propped up between my bookcase and my nightstand.  I’ve now started Bookcase #3 and have about 1 1.2 shelves left of free space on that.  Oh dear…  Does anyone else have these problems?

I love going through my accumulations because I forget what I have and it’s like Christmas all over again!


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Random Books from Vacation!

You didn’t think I could go on vacation without hitting every library book sale and thrift store I could within a certain radius did you?  Most of these were found during an 11 day ‘business trip on vacation’ (oxymoron).  But book buying is always pleasurable, and these will be finding a place of their own on my shelves.  If I had any more shelves…



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More Random Books Finds this Summer

Posting again before I build up too high a stack!  These books were got at library book sales during the month of July.

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Fourth of July Book Sale = Sunburn!

I hope all of my fellow Americans enjoyed their Independence Day as much as I did!  I felt like I had so much to celebrate this year.  My enjoyment of the day was a little unconventional in that I attended an annual used book sale held every year on the Fourth of July.  Of course, every time I attend I vow it will be my last.  But I went again this year anyway and paid for it by getting severely sunburnt!  It is still blistering and killing me as I post this.

Here are some of the great finds I pounced on:

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Random Books Post, the Thick of Yard Saling Season

It’s about time I posted about my random book findings, as I have about three STACKS (deserving of capitals) to update on.  Please forgive me for posting links to goodreads.  It was just a little too much HTMLing for me.  But as always, you can click to view them up closer on slideshow and read my comments on them all.  Ready?  Here we go!:

I told you. random. stacks.

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Book Sale P’s & Q’s

Hi, folks! I’m pretty excited because tomorrow I will be attending a humongous library book sale in my area and I’m getting all my stuff gathered around to go.  Some of what I’m taking includes:

Crossbody purse (the less I have to hold, the better),

Money (of course)

Some sturdy bags (this isn’t a bag sale, and I don’t know what will be provided so I’m prepared just in case),

Water bottle,


Tablet (access to goodreads, etc),


Glasses (need to see long distances),

Comfortable clothing (suitable for lots of bending over, standing),

TBR Notebooks (maybe- except it’s hard to hold too many things while shopping).

This sort of sale isn’t for the faint of heart. I know sometimes people can get downright rude and pushy.  But there are also lots of nice people, and I’m praying people remember their manners and make it a pleasant experience for all.

However, lately I’ve been contemplating an ever-increasing issue when it comes to these sales, especially the big ones in the cities like tomorrow. And that is that it’s getting more popular for book resellers to show up.  Believe you me, I don’t have hatred for these folks (because I confess: I’m one of them).  But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.  Playing by the rules, respecting others, respecting the books and other items for sale, and making sure that what you’re purchasing will be of value to you is important to remember.  But when resellers (or others, for that matter) cheat, hoard, scoop, push, steal, etc.– that gives themselves and all resellers a bad name.  The fact of the matter is, there really are others out there that just heartily enjoy a good book sale and wish to go treasure hunting for themselves.  And when they look over and see someone thoughtlessly stuffing half the table into their bags without even bothering to seriously check if it’s worth it—just stuffing for the penny’s risk of a chance at profit—it takes the fun out of it.  Then they get offended if someone gives them a hairy eyeball.  That’s when the Friends of the Library become not-so friendly and rules change, book resellers get banned, and prices go up.

When I go tomorrow, I will have 3 missions. One is to shop for my book selling business.  The other is to find interesting non-fiction books that pique my fancy, or exciting novels I’ve had on my TBR list.  And finally, I shop for my church library as well.  I can’t wait!

What are some things you like/dislike about library book sales?

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