Looking Ahead in 2016

07 Jan

ab69e2f3c14a655230233382aef4abf9Happy New Year’s to everyone! Are your 2016 reading lists all made out and ready to go?  Do you have reading goals set for this goal?  Are you excited about what new things you will discover through the world of books throughout the upcoming year?

I enjoyed concocting a reading plan soon after Christmas Day, as is my end-of-year tradition. This year, I’ve planned more vintage classics to read.

I’ve also decided on a different reading goal for myself. Instead of choosing an X number of books to accomplish, my resolution is to reignite my love of reading again.  As mentioned in earlier posts my enthusiasm has rather dwindled over the last year and half.  I believe I may have figured out the cause, though it is still puzzling and strange to me. I moved around a year and a half ago and have not felt ‘at home’ ever since I changed location.  In the past, I’ve so enjoyed getting cozy with a book when I had a room, a nook, or someplace special that I had created to read in.  I have not had this in my new home.  I know we all go through phases where our interests wax and wane, but for someone who blogs about reading and who wants to narrate someday I feel the need to get into a good groove again.  So, this year I plan on repainting my bedroom, and be a little more purposeful in decorating.  Hopefully this will help me enjoy my surroundings enough to feel inspired to delve into fictional worlds!

I also will be rearranging my daily schedule in order to hopefully make time for more reading. I have found that when I feel I’ve done a good day’s work, I feel ready to sit down to read at the end of the day.  When I’ve been busy with appointments and other activities, I have a hard time winding down in the evening to feel much like reading.

Have you ever gone through a slow period in your reading adventures? How did you overcome them?

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