Looking Ahead in 2017

13 Jan

c92d3de879107a98efdfdbecf38b1bdcHello, folks! I thought I’d make a post before we get too much farther into January talking about the year ahead on booklearned.  The past year has seen some changes made that have hopefully pleased you, the reader.  I know that simplifying things has reenergized my motivation to blog and I am enjoying it more.  I’ve also been having a bit more free time of late, hence the increase in blog posts.  Well, that and I’m trying to get caught up!

Expect a few minor trends occurring this year as well. I am going to be incorporating more recommended books at the end of my book review posts, to give those interested more reading choices to springboard off of.  Also, I plan on doing a lot more thrift book hunting and so will have more frequent ‘random book shopping’ posts from now on.  Yay!  Unfortunately, I have now officially run out of bookcase room (having filled up my second bookshelving unit) and I have no idea where I will be turning to next for storage… but will that stop my book buying addiction?  N-O!

Also, as announced a few posts ago, I have returned to recording volunteer projects for Librivox. My goal is to step up my experience in voice over this year, through various projects that I hope to announce during the coming year.

Did you know that booklearned is on Pinterest? I haven’t strongly utilized it yet, but am working on it.  Mostly I just have random pictures on there right now.  I’ve learned how to create attractive quote pins, so continue to be on the lookout for those.  I would also like to soon get around to posting my book reviews on goodreads and linking here to booklearned.  I am slowly widening my use of social media!  Although I can’t claim a desire to manage a booklearned facebook page yet.

So, yeah, lots of things happening! I’m excited, are you?

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