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Recent Librivox addition: Fables

Greetings!  This recent collection of short audio stories were catalogued into the Librivox system and I thought I’d share since I read one short section (72).  My particular two fables were poems called ‘The Maiden’ and ‘The Wishes.’  I felt pretty good about them, but there are many other fine readers on the collection.  Poems are always interesting and sometimes more fun to listen to than read in silence.

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On Librivox: The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Is anyone in the mood for great adventures full of mystical maidens and chivalrous knights?  Librivox just recently catalogued a new narrated project by the author Howard Pyle: The Story of King Arthur and His Knights. This is a story that never ceases to interest people because of it’s classic characters.  Along with some other great readers, I got to take part in reading these tales (Sections 22-24).  My sections particularly documented the downfall of Merlin.  I had originally hoped to narrate the whole story of Merlin but the commitment became a little daunting and I passed it on to reader dominictreas.  However, it was fun to have flexibility in reading different character voices which is something I feel I’m good at.

I am currently in the process of narrating and editing my first solo!  Title to be revealed in due time…

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Librivox: “Imaginotions” short stories

“Imaginotions: Truthless Tales,” by Tudor Jenks has lately released on Librivox!  This collection of interesting short stories are not necessarily children’s stories, and not all have an obvious moral.  But I enjoyed reading two of them, in partnership with other volunteer readers.  The two I narrated were (14) Professor Chipmunk’s Surprising Adventure, and (19) The Statue.  I loved coming up with different voices for man and furry animals!  🙂

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Librivox: Birds & All Nature

birdsandallnature_nov1899If you’re a bird watcher and/or nature lover, you may enjoy one of Librivox’s recently catalogued audiobooks in the public domain– “Birds & All Nature.” This particular project is Vol. 4 from 1899, of which I narrated a small section (#21).  Since I narrated the kids’ version of The Kalevala in an earlier project, I knew how to pronounce the mythological names of in “Bird Lore of the Ancient Finns.”  I don’t often narrate non-fiction, but I thought I’d try something new here.  Other sections are on various topics such as ‘The Why and Wherefore of the Color of Birds’ Eggs’; ‘Tea’; and ‘When Animals are Seasick’.  Hope you enjoy it!

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The Return of thestorygirl!

little_book_profitable_tales_1701That’s right!  After a two year hiatus I, booklearner (aka thestorygirl on Librivox) am back in the ‘recording studio.’  This time, I have plans to stretch my recordings beyond anything I’ve done before.  There are many short projects currently in the works, but I plan to begin my first solo shortly.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is a collaborative project I helped work on featuring many Librivox volunteers lending their reading voices to ‘profitable tales’ for children from the 1800’s.  I participated in two short stories in the project: The Mouse and the Moonbeam (loads of fun!), and The Robin and the Violet.  I hope you enjoy!

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1st Dramatic Reading Scene & Story Collection- on Librivox!


Hi, there!  It’s been a little while since this was cataloged on Librivox, but I was saving it for spring to post on booklearned.  The project is Librivox’s first Dramatic Reading Scene & Story Collection (Vol. 001).  It isn’t too often that I get to take part in a dramatic project, so this was a fun opportunity to play a main role in one of the sections.  It was also enjoyable to discover a new author I hadn’t known too well of before this.  The short story I participated in was “The Garden Party,” by Katherine Mansfield.  I feel this is one of my favorite audio recordings to date, because I really sat down to analyze the story, the characters, their background, and how I interpreted the ending.  It really reminded me a lot of the book of Ecclesiastes, and it was from this viewpoint that I acted the part.

“It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.”  ~Ecclesiastes 7:2

Unfortunately, I began to experience audio technical difficulties around the time I recorded this, so the background is not the best.  I’ve also had to set aside my recording for lack of a place to record.  So frustrating!  But I know that God will provide when He sees fit.

I hope you enjoy it and many other fine stories in the collection, including several L. M. Montgomery stories, Sherlock Holmes, and children’s stories.

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Librivox: “Bunyan’s Characters, Vol. II”

e4abbee444a88b6eb22529beb5f243e9Hi, all!  Last year I enjoyed taking part in a collaborative project on Librivox, reading three chapters from “Bunyan’s Characters, Vol. II” by Alexander Whyte.  This work is a commentary on the different characters from John Bunyan’s classic book, “Pilgrim’s Progress.”  Whereas Vol. I analyzes the characters from Pilgrim’s Progress, Vol. II follows the characters from Pilgrim’s Progress, Part 2: Christiana.  There were many volunteers who participated in reading this work; I read chapters: (9) Mercy, (15) Feeble-Mind, & (20) Madame Bubble.  I think Feeble-Mind was my favorite one to read, and really got into the part!  I hesitate to share #20 because I know there’s mistakes in it, but I figure no one’s perfect and I should stop pretending I am.  So, here they are, mistakes and all!  🙂

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