Book Review: “Murder on the Lusitania,” by Conrad Allen

04 Jan

1246500Genre: mystery, historical fiction

Plot Summary: {from} September 1907. George Porter Dillman sets sail from Liverpool on the Lusitania’s maiden voyage. Hired by the ship’s captain to pose as a passenger, George is in fact a private detective for the Cunard Line. In the first days of his voyage, George only has to deal with a few petty crimes. But then an expensive piece of jewelry is reported stolen and a body is found. Working quickly to solve both crimes, George makes an unusual friend, Genevieve Masefield, and the two uncover secrets aboard the ship that prove explosive.”

My Book Review: This is the first in the George Porter Dillman & Genevieve Masefield mystery series and the first I’ve tried by this author (whose name is not really Conrad Allen, and also goes by a whole slew of other pen names).  I settled in for an entertaining read of sea voyage, adventure, romance, and suspense all set in a historical setting.

Did it satisfy? In a word, no, I’m sad to say.  Although it was somewhat amusing, it really failed to grab me with it’s characters.  The two main characters (George and Genevieve) were hard for me to like.  The mystery plot felt too mechanically churned out.  I was a little dejected to find that although the story does revolve around the historic ship Lusitania, the mystery actually takes place on its maiden voyage instead of its famed sinking.

Content-wise, this mystery is pretty clean. There isn’t much gore, neither is there oodles of romance.  However, there are subtle innuendos made throughout the dialogue of the characters.  It is implied that Genevieve is sleeping her way through high society.  A fortune-hunter pressures a wealthy heiress to sleep with him, while at the same time is cheating with another woman.  None of these situations are implicitly described, but it gave a worldly feel to the novel.

At the end of the day, I’ve decided not to continue on with the series, but this book may be of interest to those who like cozy mysteries in a swanky setting. Would make a fun vacation read!

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