Movie Review: Murder on the Links

02 Jul

f4da3d317fb63eb8f390f3f3b1dedbd9Based on the book by Agatha Christie. [See my review of the book here.]

Version: 1996

Genre:  mystery

Plot Summary: [from IMDb:] “While Poirot and Hastings are holidaying in France, a businessman tells Poirot that his life is in danger. The next day he is found stabbed to death on a nearby golf course.”

My Review: While down and out with the flu, I watched this Poirot flick since I’d read the book a few months previously. Some of the finer details of the mystery had escaped me, so I was still kept in some suspense throughout the story.

Overall, I believe it was a decent adaptation of the book, with some minor things changed around. As any avid Poirot fan knows, Captain Hastings is a complete sucker for the ladies, and this excursion to the French countryside is no exception. SPOILER ALERT: This time the story has been rewritten in that Hastings finally gets the girl (though where she is in the next episode is beyond anybody’s guess).  The movie ends with Bella in Hastings’ arms, a slight deviation from the original story, but nothing major to ruin the key plot. END OF SPOILER. As this is an earlier Poirot film, it escapes a lot of gore and one needn’t worry about offensive scenes.

As always, no one can match actor David Suchet’s superb interpretation of the eccentric character he plays. Costumes are a little dated and hint at the ‘90’s decade in which it was filmed, but in general it was a decent production and I would recommend it.

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