Another Win!

27 Apr

290363I must be having a lucky winner’s streak lately when it comes to book treats!  A couple of weeks ago, I randomly won a giveaway on goodreads for Randy Alcorn’s book, “Deadline” (book #1 in the “Ollie Chandler” Series).  Alcorn’s Eternal Perspective Ministries sent me a copy in the mail after I’d been alerted I’d won.  I was pretty excited, as stuff like this never happens to me!

The only drawback is that when you win a giveaway, you’re sort of under obligation to write a review of the book as soon as possible on goodreads.  It’s like a free ad for the publisher.  While I want to read the book, I may not want to read it for some time yet.  I’m in the middle of a really good one right now!  In fact, I would prefer it if I could have the freedom to choose to read it a while from now.  But then, it was me who signed up for the giveaway in the first place…

I’m not sure what I’ll do about it yet.  For the meantime, I wrote a temporary thank you in place of a review on goodreads.  It was pretty exciting to win something for once!

Have you ever signed up for book giveaways and won?

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