Non-Fiction Books I’m Liking (Spring 2016)

28 Mar

I’m talking all things job/career related this spring with these non-fiction reviews!:

17169570Voice Acting for Dummies, by David and Stephanie Ciccarelli~ I’m currently in the middle of this book, but I want to mention it because it really is a treasurehouse of information for anyone who is interested in doing anything voice over-related as a hobby or career.  If you are a complete newbie to this special industry, you will have pretty much most of your questions answered with the user-friendly chapters.  If you’ve been in the audio world for a while, you may be able to learn some new pointers as far as marketing and technique go.  We can always learn new ways to improve!  As an aspiring voice over artist, I was so pleased with this reference material, that I returned it back to the library without taking any notes from it—I want to buy my own copy!

8804842How to Write Powerful College Student Resumes and Cover Letters: Secrets That Get Job Interviews Like Magic, by Quentin J. Schultze~ I’m guessing that one point or another, whether in the past, or currently, or sometime in the future, almost every person will be looking for a job.  There is lots of information out there about how to go about crafting a dynamic resume, but not all of it is helpful.  Most is repetitive and is what everyone else is following by rote.  How can you stand out from the crowd?  I heard this Christian author interviewed on the radio a few years back and was impressed with what he had to say about resumes.  The advice he gave callers made a lot of sense and people came away from it feeling excited (at least, I know I did… and I wasn’t even looking for a job!).  Now I am borrowing a copy of this book and taking notes for myself.  I am finding that he has tons of advice that anyone can utilize, not just college students.  While I haven’t yet concocted my ‘powerful resume’, I feel confident that by applying the suggestions in this book will make for a pretty convincing one. *Note–  Schultze has also written a more recent book entitled, Resume 101.


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