The New Ben-Hur Movie! (2016)

25 Mar

1de28b514ebabcff0c68016d911a1e05It’s been a very great wish of mine that some talented filmmakers would take it upon themselves to remake the story of Ben-Hur (based on the novel by Lew Wallace) into an epic blockbuster.  I’ve seen the old 1959 version but to be honest I’ve never enjoyed it.  It just feels too hokey to me, and Charlton Heston never looked convincing as Judah.  Ben-Hur was recently remade into a tv mini series within the last couple of years.  I’ve never felt tempted to watch it since I’ve read that it doesn’t do the book justice in its content.

So I was pretty excited to learn that the epic story would be refilmed yet again! I’ve been following the process throughout the last year or so and the other day I was super pumped to see the first release of its trailer!  (View below)

A couple of comments after having watching the clip:

-The quality and excitement warrants more of my interest!  Especially the scenes of the Roman ships of war.  Wow!!

-Great.  A sex scene.  [rolls eyes]  I sure hope it isn’t as bad as it looks.  Maybe it’s the evil Messala and not Judah & Esther.  I hope.

Why, oh why do these film versions never include Iras?  Her character adds a whole ‘nother dimension of interest to the story.  I mean, they could have tons of fun with her seductive quality.  Would the movie really suffer from another love interest?  But they always seem to erase her entirely, and this time is no exception.  Pooh.  I’m also seeing a missing Quintus Arrius.  Judah’s and his relationship are one of my favorite aspects of the book.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming movie?

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