Non-Fiction Books I’m Liking (Winter 2015-2016)

15 Jan

21855277The Adrenal Reset Diet: Strategically Cycle Carbs and Proteins to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, and Move from Stressed to Thriving, by Alan Christianson ~ I’ve been raised from little on up on alternative medicine and was pleased to note that the author is an NMD.  I’ve read books by naturopathic doctors before, and I won’t lie– some make depressing reads because of the panic they instill to motivate you to follow a more natural lifestyle.  At other times, one author differs from another on certain topics, just like traditional doctors will.  But if you struggle with the health of your adrenals like I do, I think you may benefit from the advice of Alan Christianson.  As someone who has studied this subject at length and had great success in the treatment of adrenal maladies, his book was easy to understand and made sense.  It completely described where I was in my health a few years back.  I was also relieved to find that his advice is simple and not extremely hard to follow.  I’ve been following his diet as best I can for several months now and can say that I feel just fine on it, I’m eating healthier, I don’t have to count calories, and am keeping my weight down to a healthy level.  There’s nothing to lose (except the pounds!) by reading this book!

1554713Breathing Life Into Your Characters, by Rachel Ballon~ Are you a writer?  I don’t consider myself as such, but as an aspiring storyteller in the audio arena I want to learn as much as I can about giving life to fictional characters.  That’s why I picked up this book through interlibrary loan.  Three times.  This was definitely one I took lots of notes out of and would have highlighted and underlined galore had I owned it.  The author is a professional psychotherapist who is also a writing instructor.  What a perfect combination in someone to give such advice and learn from!  To be able to create believable characters, one must be able to get inside their fictional heads, imagining their backstory, psychology, and personality.  Why do they make the decisions they do?  How do they think?  How does that worldview manifest itself?  I plan on making up a chart with specific questions from the book to fill out every time I analyze a fictional character before performing for audio.  If you’re someone who is interested in writing or acting, I think this is a must read.

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