2015 Year in Review

31 Dec

a9ff230705951e3506e73e72b970ed4dOver the past few years, my Year in Review posts have become my favorite to look forward to writing about. Why?  Because it’s a lot of fun to look back at the completed list of books accomplished and think of all the different new worlds I discovered in them.  New favorites, new conquests, new quotes, new thoughts and ideas…

Several years ago I found this fun quiz which uses the titles of the books you’ve read to describe your current life. I find it quite amusing, so I will again include it in this year’s post:

Describe yourself: Are Women Human? (Dorothy L. Sayers)

How do you feel: The Valley of Fear (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

Describe where you currently live: The Club of Queer Trades (G. K. Chesterton)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Conspiracy in Kiev (Noel Hynd)

Your favourite form of transportation: Murder on the Lusitania (Conrad Allen)

You and your friends are: Traces of Mercy (Michael Landon, Jr.)

You fear: Love Comes Calling (Siri Mitchell)

What is the best advice you have to give: He Fell in Love with His Wife (Edward Payson Roe)

Thought for the day: At Home With Madame Chic (Jennifer L. Scott)

My soul’s present condition: The Pleasures of God (John Piper)

In 2015, I read a total of 22 books—15 fiction + 7 nonfiction. To be honest, this isn’t my hottest record.  I don’t know what the trouble has been, but for the last year and a half I haven’t felt much like reading.  I haven’t stopped reading, but the motivation or the fire in my belly, or whatever it is seems missing lately.  This is very troubling to me, since I write a blog about the subject for one thing, and want to read for a living as well!  I have been doing a lot of thinking about what is the cause of my reading lethargy and how to remedy it.  With regret, I report that I have fallen far from short of my goal for the past year to read 48 books.

On the plus side, even though the numbers say I have read only 7 non fiction books cover to cover, the truth is that I have skim read plenty more non fiction than that. I’ve actually checked out hordes of books from everything on health and science to theology.  This has been my breakfast reading material for the past year and I’ve learned so many interesting new things!  My philosophy is to never let a moment go wasted if you can improve your mind at all!

You can view a list of books I read the past year here, but it is not a complete list. I sometimes keep some of the books I read off of this blog to protect my privacy.

And now for booklearned’s 2015 Awards!  Click on the pictures below for links and for the winners in each category:

And my favorite fiction book of all of 2015 was…

"He Fell in Love With His Wife," by Edward Payson Roe

“He Fell in Love With His Wife,” by Edward Payson Roe

It was hard pick between this and “Dear Mr. Knightley,” but in the end this endearing beautiful old romantic novel won out. I highly recommend it!  Stay tuned throughout the following year for book reviews on all of these listed books, plus many more.

So what books have been reading lately? Feel free to share below.  Have a great holiday!



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