Book Sales, Book Sales

22 Oct

I’ve missed documenting two book sales I hit this past summer, so I’m combining them into this one post since my finds were small at both:

The first one was the Independence Day book sale at the library in C—-.  This is a very large sale that I’ve been to before, but it’s been a few years since I’d attended.  Many people get in early in the morning, collect boxes of books for themselves, and camp out on the bank until the Bag Sale in the middle of the afternoon.  I’ve never done this, nor do I wish to.  But the bag sale for $5 was worth showing up for in the past, even if it was picked over by then.  Sadly, things had changed in the few years I’d been away.  This year the price was $10 a bag, an exorbitant, ridiculous price IMHO for a used book sale.  When our eyes bugged out, a person said, “I know!  Isn’t that a steal?!” (Depends on which end you look at it, I guess…)  Actually, I ended up walking away from there with only 2 books and paid for them individually.

The next sale was one held at my hometown local library which lasted for several weeks and is just now winding down.  They had lately culled their fiction section and had them out on tables– $1 a bag!  Now we’re talking!  They had so many books they couldn’t fit them on the tables, so they kept bringing more out every so often when the tables got a little empty.  There were a few others I saw over the next couple of weeks after the initial indulgence, but I miserly me didn’t really want to spend $1 on one book when I’d just paid the same price for a bag.  I didn’t bother and consequently missed some other good ones.  Which I now regret.

Without further ado, here are my treasures from the summer, plus a few “castoffs” from our church library (thanks, Barb!):

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