Non-fiction Books I’m Liking (Fall 2015)

15 Oct

October is a month of strange and spooky things.  Save your sanity by reading!

55799012 ‘Christian’ Beliefs that Can Drive You Crazy: Relief from False Assumptions, by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend ~ I came across this enlightening read in our church library and took it home for ‘breakfast-reading material’.  I’ve enjoyed several of Cloud & Townsend’s books in the past, and this was no different.  In fact, this may be my most favorite of theirs yet!  The word ‘relief’ in the title accurately describes the content inside; I was so glad to hear some great-thinking Christians putting this helpful material out there for us.  My particular favorite chapters were: “It’s selfish to have my needs met;” & “One day, I’ll be finished with recovery.” Although some of the title chapters may seem obvious enough to us, the authors go on to explain how these false assumptions can often manifest themselves in Christian circles and be widely accepted.  This book came at a good time for me, because I’ve been gnashing my teeth over another book popular among Christian women that I believe is leading many into bondage. 12 Christian… sheds light on a lot of myths found in that book.  I highly recommend this to one and all!

13542472The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Couponing, by Rachel Singer Gordon ~ Is this you?: You decide you’re going to be the Homemaking Hero and start clipping coupons in order to save a bit more.  You head off to the grocery store and are standing in the checkout line, when you discover you left your coupons at home.  😦  Or, maybe you were lucky and remembered them, but they don’t read at checkout because they’re either expired or they’re for a different oz.-size product than what you selected.  You go home and give up on the idea of couponing.  This was me a few months ago.  Until.  I saw this at the local library and read it cover-to-cover (also breakfast-reading material!).  I learned loads of helpful tips that I never knew before.  Soon, I was scoring big wins for myself, such as: Maybelline eyeshadow palette (reg. $5.99) for $1; refillable Gillette Venus Swirl razor blades + can of same brand shaving cream (reg. $26) for $3.50.  And 3 pairs of earrings at JC Penney’s for $2.50.  How??  By applying the lessons in this wonderful book, one can learn to be alert, organized, and save!

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