Movie Review: A Caribbean Mystery

05 Sep

MISS_MARPLE_CARIBBEAN_MYSTERYBased on the book by Agatha Christie.

Genre: mystery; 1950’s

Version: 2013; starring Julia McKenzie, Charity Wakefield

Plot Summary: At first when the Major is found dead at a Caribbean resort, it looks like a natural case of high blood pressure. But Miss Marple isn’t so sure. The Major had been carrying the photograph of a murderer in his pocket but now the photo seems to be missing. Who could be the culprit? Was it the maid? Someone who would benefit from his rich employer? The resort owners? Or someone with a marital secret?

My Movie Review: I don’t like to watch Agatha Christie mysteries without first having read the book, and this was one I’d read several years ago. I’d also seen a previous version (starring Joan Hickson as Miss Marple), but it had felt a little lackluster. The trailer to this updated film-take seemed more colorful and exciting so I looked forward to trying it.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was a pretty good rendition, carried the suspense well (esp. since I’d forgotten who the murderer was), and had a great soundtrack. Plus it wasn’t as overwhelmingly gorey as some of the Christie movies have been in recent years. Although there may have been some slight shuffling around about minor details of the story, I felt it stayed pretty true to the original plot.

There are two couples who have affairs in the plot, but it is only talked about and thankfully we are spared bedroom scenes.  There is some talk about voodoo, but the plot doesn’t rely heavily on it and I didn’t feel disturbed.

If you are an Agatha Christie lover, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this adaptation.  It makes for a good last-hoorah for the summer movie.  Happy Labor Day!


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