Book Review: Follow the Heart, by Kaye Dacus

12 May

15994399Genre: romance; Christian Inspirational; historical fiction

Plot Summary: Plain looking Kate Dearing has already approached and passed the age of marrying.  But when her father loses all the family fortune, Kate has an even littler chance of a matrimonial future.  As a last ditch effort at saving good face for the family, Kate and her brother Christopher are sent to relatives in England, with a command to marry wealth.  A rich suitor is found for Katherine, but a handsome gardener finds her heart…

My Book Review:  I had never heard of author Kaye Dacus until recently when a few of her series (“The Great Exhibition Series”; “The Ransome Trilogy”) caught my attention.  They seemed highly rated in reviews, so I thought I’d enjoy giving them a try.

Unfortunately, the first in this series just didn’t seem to satisfy me at this particular time.  The writer’s style is simple and easy to follow, and I loved her descriptions of clothes and characters’ physical appearances as I was able to imagine them clearly in my mind’s eye.  But I think I would have enjoyed the book much more a few years ago as a teenager as opposed to now.  I had a hard time identifying with the main character, and it was bit too romantic for my personal taste.

I decided to switch to other reading material several chapters into the story, but I did skip around and skim read to get the gist of what happened to the characters in the end.  This wasn’t a bad book, and I had a good impression this would be classified as “gentle romance” (which I appreciate).  I would recommend this for die-hard historical romance fans, and I think I would feel safe letting my teenage daughters (if I had any) read it.

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