Book Reviw: The Trophy Wives Club, by Kristin Billerbeck

28 Apr

290148Genre: humor; Christian Inspirational fiction

Plot Summary: When Hayley Cutler becomes a divorcee at only 28 years old, she finds she has emotions similar to a lot of other women who have gone through the same thing.  Living in Hollywood, she soon realizes she isn’t the only trophy wife whose older husband left her for another woman.  She decides to join a small Bible study group which meets at a salon for “foot washing,” … even if Bible studies aren’t her thing.  Over time Hayley begins to learn the meaning of true relationship, with others and God.

My Book Review:  You never read Christian fiction where the main character marries someone much older than herself, yet it does occur in real life for various reasons.  So when I heard of the Trophy Wives Club series by Kristin Billerbeck I knew I wanted to try it out, even though I’ve never read the author before and have barely begun to dip my toe into Christian “chick lit.”

Apparently Billerbeck is one of the forerunners of this particular genre.  And I thought she did a great and entertaining job of it!  I laughed a lot and read through the novel quickly.  I loved Hayley’s honest narrative in first person.  I also enjoyed reading a story set in wealthy Hollywood, with a huge dose of fun and attention to girly details, like shoes and purses.

It’s sad that some people live with so much anxiety over their bodies and outfits in order to stay in “secure” marriages.  But Hayley finds she is worth much more than the sum total of how many men are interested in her.  I like how Hayley processes through her past in order to understand where she ended up in life.  She realizes that even though her ex-husband had his own twisted problems, she had come to the marriage with her own codependent patterns.  Even if the reader can’t identify with a trophy wife marriage, there are other ways in which one can identify with the heroine’s human nature and relationships.

I’m not one who believes Christian fiction has to beat us over the head with the sinner’s prayer, but I do wish Hayley’s conversion was a little more clear than a sudden “I need you, Lord,” and now it’s time to get baptized.  I also felt that Hayley seems to process through her loss and move on too quickly to a romantic relationship with Hamilton.  A few months is just way too fast to be healthy after a divorce.

This was one of the first in the Christian chick lit genre I’ve tried, but I liked it better than expected.  I got so much out of it and am looking forward to the next in the Trophy Wives Club Series, Back to Life.  If you’re like I was (a little suspicious and queasy about trying chick lit), let me recommend a fun read you might enjoy.

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