New Christian Fiction, Early Spring 2015

08 Jan

Here’s a look at the new Christian fiction coming out this spring!  The online CBD catalog had a full 80 pages of peruse this time around, and I was able to find new titles from some of my favorite Christian fiction authors, plus others I’ve never heard of before. Below are titles I’m excited to add to my To-Read notebook:

A)  The Blood Divide: A Novel of Flodden Field, by John Sadler ~ I love to learn history through fiction, and this documents an historical event I never knew about.  Looking forward to this!

B)  The Lost Garden, by Katharine Swartz ~ This plot reminds me so much of The Secret Garden, one of my childhood favorites.

C)  Hollywood Lost, by Ace Collins ~ This book appears to have plenty of ‘atmosphere’ –something I always look for in a good book!

D)  The Columbus Code, by Mike Evans ~ This one appeals to my secret love of codes and all things intrigue!  Can’t wait!

E)  Mist of Midnight, by Sandra Byrd ~ I love mistaken identity stories.  This seems to have underpinnings of Bronte.  I’ll bet it’ll be good!  (First in Daughters of Hampshire Series)

F)  Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor, by Melanie Dobson ~ I’ve read two books by Melanie Dobson and have several others by her on my To-Read list.  She seems to combine some of my favorite ingredients in most of her books: old architectural buildings with character and stories, generational secrets, characters solving the mystery of their own past…

G)  The Case of the Sin City Sister, by Lynne Hinton ~ Book #2 in Divine Private Agency Series

H)  Wilderness Rising, by A. L. Shields ~ Book #2 in The Church Builder Series.

I)  The Babylon Contingency, by Clifford Longley ~ Exotic settings and archaeology… I’m in!

J)  Mercy’s Rain, by Cindy K. Sproles ~ This book reminds me of one of my favorite movies, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

K)  Esther: Royal Beauty, by Angela Hunt ~ I almost skimmed over this title just because Esther is an oft-told tale, but Angela Hunt is a fantastic author and I figure I’ll find this to be a gem.  Plus I’m curious as to the others coming soon in the series, A Dangerous Beauty.

L)  Beyond All Dreams, by Elizabeth Camden ~ This plot sort of reminds me of the movie The Librarian, only in a historical background.  I’m interested in reading others from this author as well.

M)  Remember the Lilies, by Liz Tolsma ~ Apparently this is third in a series entitled, Women of Courage.  I haven’t read this author yet, but I’m itching to.

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