Librivox: Old Testament Bible Stories for Children

09 Dec

9c75e948bd3c5042d46bfc5f98fcd606This project has been catalogued for a couple of weeks already; I just kept forgetting to post about it!  So here is my latest Librivox project catalogued into the system: The Bible for Young People, Vol. 1 includes many well-known Bible stories adapted for children.  I had a blast dramatizing such stories as Rahab Conceals the Spies (61); Deborah and Barak Deliver Israel (71); The Widow’s Oil & The Shunammite (115); Naaman Healed & The Iron Swims (116).  Of course, there were many, many others who took part volunteer-reading as well.  Sidenote: I will mention that the language of these stories is very much King Jamesian, which may be a tad difficult for young listeners to understand.  I did my best to try to infuse the words with as much emotion as possible in order for the intent to be understood.  Enjoy!

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