Movie Review: The ABC Murders

18 Nov

6102fda28c51549cc23bfb87cbcbd25cBased on the book by Agatha Christie.

Version: Agatha Christie: Poirot, 1992

Genre: mystery

Plot Summary: A series of murders characterized by their alphabetical order are each precipitated by taunting letters to Hercule Poirot.  An odd, little obscure man who sells women’s hosiery seems to appear at the scene of each murder.  How is he connected and why?

My Review: I usually don’t like to watch an Agatha Christie mystery unless I’ve read the book first, and The ABC Murders was one I’d read out loud to my family, so this was a fun one to watch with my sister recently.  This film was from one of the earlier Poirot seasons, so thankfully it was spared some of the dramatic gore that pervades the later episodes and makes those unpleasant to watch.

Plot-wise, I think it follows the book pretty closely.  I’d forgotten some of the particulars of the mystery (as I said, it’d been a few years), so there was some pleasure in not knowing exactly what was going to happen next. David Suchet really is a genius in capturing the very personality of Hercule Poirot, like no other actor can.  This was just a good, fun whodunit to watch when we were bored.  If you love mysteries, you’ll certainly enjoy this one!

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