On Controversy Over New Left Behind Movie

02 Nov

nic-cage-open-letter-sliderI don’t know about you, but I’m getting mighty tired of hearing fellow Christians shooting ourselves in the foot and producing embarrassing testimonies by being so harsh and critical of the new religious movies that have been coming out recently.  I remember there was an outcry from some folks who were planning on boycotting Prince Caspian when it came out because “it wasn’t word for word as the book.”  Other movies are deemed too hokey, or too casual, or too overly-dramatic, or too imaginative, or too imperfect to go see.  It can become a form of self-righteousness.  “I won’t go to see that film because I don’t agree with that actor’s personal life…”  Or whatever the case may be.

MovieGuide recently posted an article and an open letter to Nicholas Cage that I think is very good and worth reading.

The bad in Hollywood keeps getting worse.  But the door is swinging wider open all the time for much good news in the film industry, and for that I heartily applaud movie-makers who have a hand in it!  Keep it coming!  And fellow believers, we’ve waited too long for this opportunity of good, clean Christian art in the movie entertainment-world to be continually shutting down honest efforts.  Instead of legalism and small-mindedness, let’s get out there and make it even better!

“Left Behind” is based on the best selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.


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