Non-Fiction Books I’m Liking (Fall 2014)

23 Sep

Learn how to stop being insecure and how to be interesting this fall with these great reads!:

17120207“How to Be Interesting: An Instruction Manual, “by Jessica Hagy ~ I saw this on a curated stand of books at my local library and knew immediately I wanted to check it out.  I mean, I could use a little help!  This was a fun little amusing book to read during breakfast at the start of the day.  Or rather, it’s a glorified list of motivational tips and charts.  Here is just one for example: “Don’t Be ShyWave hello instead of looking away.  Leave your perspectives in places where others can find them.  Put your work in the window, not the basement.  Conversations begin with small steps toward each other.”  I loved the way this small book was designed: color themed pages and varying fonts; even the cover of the book has the feel of suede.  I didn’t always understand the illustrated charts, I had a lot of fun reading this gem and took lots of notes.  I wouldn’t buy this for a friend as a gift book because they might think I was trying to give them a hint, but if you’re looking for something light and inspiring, this book will be just for you!  See the author’s website that inspired this book.

“So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us,”6817610 by Beth Moore ~ I figure this is something everyone on this planet struggles with, so I’m not revealing anything too personal by reviewing this book!  Sometimes I feel like the poster child for insecurity, so I hoped to glean some help from it.  This isn’t the first I’ve read by Moore (I would also recommend Praying God’s Word” and “Get Out of that Pit”).  Beth Moore is known for her friendly, humorous, one-on-one style of writing that makes you feel like you’re talking to someone comfortable and familiar.  She’s open about her personal struggles with insecurity, fear, worry, etc.  Sometimes I felt she was a little long-winded to make a point, but I appreciated that she didn’t come off as sounding condescending or preachy.  I also liked her giving many examples of other women and men who struggle with insecurity in different ways.  I was able to find some help, and will probably be going back to it in the future for reference when I need to!  Note- Thanks for the patience of my church librarian, Barb, for letting me have this checked out for months on end.  I will try not to do that again!



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