Book Review: Valeria’s Cross

30 Aug

7844147Genre: historical fiction; Christian fiction; contemporary authors; Roman empire-era

Plot Summary: Valeria is the daughter of Roman emperor Diocletian, living in the 3rd century AD.  When her father pledges her in marriage to General Galerius, Valeria is shocked and repulsed.  What will become of her love for Mauritius, a young Roman soldier fighting faithfully under the General?  How can she marry someone who does not share her faith and what’s ,persecutes those who claim the name of Christ?

My Review:  I was excited to finally get my hands on this one!  The drama and time era really attracted me to it.  Do I need to say that the cover art is completely gripping?

The authors (Kathy Macias and Susan Wales) were ones I’d never read before.  I do not know how each author’s separate writing style is, but I would have to describe their writing style as simplistic.  Just going on this book, I believe they could do very well in the junior fiction genre.  However, I would not recommend this particular book for younger audiences, as it does deal adult content (though, not graphic).

I’d never heard of the historical figure of Valeria.  Although I eventually chose to skim-read this book, I was fascinated by her life and what happened to her.  How hard it must have been to be put in her position!  It was a story that was never predictable, and kept you wanting to know her story in history.

I’m am sorry to say I did not read this as it should have been read, but others may find it more to their liking, esp. those who enjoy contemporary Christian authors, and historical fiction romance.


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