Shakespeare Uncovered (Season 1)

06 Aug

4ebc468951efff101172c57494ce7866I recently watched (and loved!) a fascinating PBS documentary series which came out last year.  It is “Shakespeare Uncovered,” which delves into the very heart of some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays.  Each episode is hosted by a well-known actor/actress associated with the performance.  Giving us the historic context of each play, as well as the personal background of Shakespeare himself, we are drawn into a wonderful anatomy of these masterpieces of literature.  They definitely took on a whole new meaning for me and made me see them a bit differently!  Episodes include: Macbeth*, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, The Tempest, and Hamlet.  My personal favorite probably had to be The Tempest, but I thoroughly enjoyed them all.  You can watch all episodes here.  I would love it if PBS planned to do more documentaries in a Season 2, but so far I do not know of any plans for it.  UPDATE: Season 2 has been added to the link provided.  For Season 1, scroll down and click ‘LOAD MORE.’

*A word of caution on Macbeth- there is some nudity, and the nature of this story is quite violent.

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