Newest Summer 2014 Christian Fiction Releases

18 May

I spent 3 1/2 hours last evening poring over the latest CBD fiction magazine (you can view their online catalog here).  There looks to be a good many interesting books coming out soon!  I copied approx. 20 new titles into my To Read Notebook— the most I think I ever have from one magazine before.

It’s always interesting to see the latest trends in Christian fiction.  I remember a time when legal and homicide thrillers were all the rage, followed by a contemporary rom com fad, followed by Western romance trends.  Of course, Amish fiction has been greatest thing since sliced bread for a while.  But I think we’re seeing a rise in Edwardian-1920’s novels (brought on by Downton Abbey, I suppose) and curiously, books about world fairs and exhibitions, couples struggling with infertility, and the Queen of Sheba…?

There didn’t seem to be quite as many new books out this season (not sure why), but there did seem to be a better balance between the genres.  From biblical fiction to the Gilded Age; comfy murder mysteries to stories of ancient kings; and a good dose of contemporary settings to boot.  It may just be me, but from the sounds and looks of things, the quality of Christian fiction seems to be improving as well.

Kudos to the wonderful book-art eye-candy!  Hope to have a blog post about that soon!

For now, here are my much anticipated take aways from this season’s round of Inspirational fiction (what are some of your’s?):

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