New Midday Connection Book Club: You Pick!

28 Apr

I’m so excited about the new Midday Connection Book Club airing on Moody Radio!  I love the We Pick Book Club with literature Prof. Rosalie de Rosset (current book selection is Housekeeping, by Marilynne Robinson).  But this newest version of Midday’s book club features more contemporary fiction, with some emphasis on Christian fiction.  To start things off, they have selected 3 novels from which to vote.  I apologize for getting my blog post up too late as polls closed this afternoon.  But up for election were the following choices:

I voted for “Harvest of Rubies“, since I read and loved “Pearl in the Sand,” by Tessa Afshar.  I can’t wait to tune in during the month of June to hear the discussions, whichever one wins!

UPDATE: It looks like the winner is “In Broken Places,” by Michele Phoenix.  I haven’t read any by this author yet, but the name rang a bell and I realized I have her book, “Tangled Ashes,” on my reading list for this year!  Book trailer is below.

Listen to Midday launch their intro the new book club and also articles on the subject of reading here!

*Note: Can’t be one hundred percent certain, but if I was the only one emailing about the delay concerning the start of this club, I’m the ‘Dear Listener’ mentioned in the beginning minutes of the program!  Ha ha!


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