Movie Review: The Note

23 Dec

The Note. Like this movie!Based the book by Angela Hunt

Version: Hallmark movie; 2007; starring Genie Francis, Ted McGinley

Genre: Inspirational; romance; holiday; drama

Plot Summary: [from] Following a tragic plane crash, newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder discovers a note written by one of the passengers onboard. She sets out on a quest to find the person for whom it was intended, and discovers the life it will change is her own.

My Review: My mom and I spent a Sunday evening together watching this, after having checked it out of the library.  This looked a more promising compared to some of the rated R options at the library, so I gave it a try.  I’m not too much of a one for tearjerkers.  I guess I would categorize this as a quiet story (a little mushy and tear-jerky in spots), but worth it.

The main character, a newspaper columnist, is on a mission to discover the recipient of a precious note.  Although not a people-person, Peyton interacts with several individuals, whom all have unique backgrounds, from a minister to a country music singer.  They also have different stories of how they related to their father,– some wonderfully, others not so well.

I wasn’t particularly on the edge of my seat with suspense of the storyline.  It’s not that kind of story.  But it was interesting to see Peyton’s own personal journey unfold as the movie progressed, and to see the second chances she receives to make a happier future for herself.  The acting wasn’t bad, as is usually the case with low-budget films, and the charismatic love interest (who reminded me of James Garner), kept the movie fun.  I also liked that the story doesn’t browbeat you with a blunt message, but rather makes you dig into it to find some meaning for yourself.

I can’t say it changed my life, but definitely family friendly for the Christmas season.

*I have since discovered Hallmark has also made sequels The Note 2 and The Note 3, which look equally good.
If you knew you only had 3 minutes left to live, what would you write your loved ones?
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