Librivox: Young Folks’ Treasury

06 Nov

Well, what do you know– another one of the Librivox projects I took part in was catalogued today, so I’m passing it along to you all, as always!

This time around, it’s Young Folks’ Treasury Vol. 2, short stories featuring ancient myths and legendary heroes collected by Hamilton Wright Mabie.

Pyramus and Thisbe were childhood friends.They fell in love with each other.However, their parents were against them marrying. So one night just before the crack of dawn, while everyone was asleep, they decided to slip out of their homes and meet in the nearby fields near a mulberry tree. A lion captures Thisbe's veil and she runs.Pyramus sees the lion and thinks that Thisbe has been eaten, so he falls on his sword. When Thisbe returns and finds him she takes the sword and kills herself as well.

listen to Young Folks’ Treasury, Vol. 2 by Hamilton Wright Mabie

(In which I volunteered to read Section 07 – Pyramus and Thisbe.)

You can visit thestorygirl’s homepage here.

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