‘Tis the Season

05 Nov

Cozy Holiday CornerHow do you choose to read what when?  Do you just go through your list, randomly picking out what you feel in the mood to read at the time?  Do you browse through the shelves at the library or bookstore, finding more in your favorite series so you can go home and have a read-a-thon?  There is no right or wrong here (although I always advocate for a balanced diet of reading material).  I thought I’d share with you a fun quirk of mine about how I go about deciding what books to read when.

I could just read each book in a row, checkmarking them off one after the other down my To-Read list.  But no.  I’m particular.  I choose to read genres that are seasonally fitting and appropriate.  When I sit down to create my list of reading selections for the following new year (something I’ll write about in more detail later), I decide what time of the year will be more fun to read a certain book.

For example, generally I’m more in the mood to read a murder mystery in the fall.  Or, children’s fiction in the summer.  Here is a rule of thumb I usually determine my choices by:

Winter- Adventure; suspense/thriller; intrigue; classics

Spring- Romance; stories centering on heroines; children’s fiction

Summer- Children’s fiction; adventure; thrillers; sea adventures; historical fiction set during ancient times

Fall- Stories centering on school; mysteries; thrillers; classics

Autumn is a glorious time to be a reader...Sometimes the genres don’t necessarily determine when I read it.  Sometimes it’s the setting of the book.  For example, I’m more likely to be gung ho for a sea adventure, like the Horatio Hornblower Series during the summer.  Arctic adventures are always more realistic read in the dead of winter.  Books set in bleak landscapes are read during bleak times of the year (usually March or November).  A treasure hunt in the Caribbean or in an African desert = heat = summer reading.

Although this is difficult when I haven’t read the book, I usually try to gauge what season I think most of the book takes place.  Some are Christmas stories that can be read at no other time than December.  A book set during the county fair will obviously be read in the summer.

Some books are determined on the characters.  Stories including Indians are read around Thanksgiving.  Some books are determined on their era in history.  Bible days conjures up thoughts of arid lands, so that’s summer reading.  Regency-era historical fiction, full of heroines in silk gowns… Spring.  And some books are determined on the events their stories center on.  If it takes place at college/school, I’ll probably read it in September.  I’ll more than likely read books set in during an American War around July 4th.

Of course it’s not necessary to read in such a fashion.  But I do find it fun for myself.  I seem to get more deeply into a tale when the wind’s howling outside, or dry leaves are rustling past my window, or I’m wrapped up in a blanket, or sweating from high humidity.  I’m affected by my atmosphere.

Does anyone else choose seasonally appropriate books, or am I the only one?  I encourage you to try if you haven’t.  It adds a little excitement and anticipation from one season to the next!

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