Non-Fiction Books I’m Liking (Fall 2013)

22 Sep

Even though we start our new year’s resolutions in the middle of winter, I think fall (the start of school, new activities and the feel of crisp, brisk air) inspires one to start over as well!  Ready for a makeover?

Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott Book Giveaway! Click through to enter!    #paris #chic #beauty #fashion #giveawayLessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris:  I HIGHLY enjoyed this book!  I think I must have stumbled across it on amazon while I was looking for fun books on style.  I decided to check it out since it promised to divulge important things all females need to know (such as how the French look so great).  I was also interested in how Parisians live in general.  This book did not disappoint!  It was so hard to put down and I took pages and pages of notes.  There are 20 chapters, covering everything from style and beauty to living formally to de-cluttering.  Some of my favorite chapters include: Cultivate an Air of Mystery, Practice the Art of Femininity, Find Your True Style, Always Use the Best You Have.  It could be argued that a lot of the suggestions in this book are not necessarily exclusive to the French way of living, but that they are general observations about an elegant lifestyle, but in any case I was excited to open my mind the possibilities of a new way of living!  I’ve also been enjoying the author’s blog called the Daily Connoisseur.

Pottery Barn Bedrooms: Ideas & Inspiration For Stylish Sleeping Spaces by Sunset BooksPottery Barn Bedrooms & Pottery Barn Bathrooms: I recently moved and a change of atmosphere often inspires one to make your space your own!  I’ve browsed through these books before, but this time I really combed through them, taking notes.  Many times I’ve looked at the pictures of decorating books, oohing and ahhing over different ideas, but had no idea how to translate the beauty I saw in the book to my own space.  I usually skip reading the text in books on decorating, somehow not really feeling it would tell me anything useful.  Not so with Pottery Barn!  The text does not bog down the book, but highly useful and educational.  They actually give you practical teaching on how you can decorate a room in a way that is comforting and inviting to your personal tastes and individual needs.  With chapters broken into basic subjects such as Style, Color, Texture, Fixtures, Windows, Lighting, Accessories, etc., you are walked through step by step and taught how to fit all the components together and make it work.  One complaint: I do wish the books did not heavily assume readers can remodel the space they are living in.  I live in an apartment, and this is not doable.  But even so, I was still able to get a lot of ideas from these books.  Plus, the pictures are always a feast for the eyes!

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