Last of the Summer Book Sales

18 Sep

The other weekend a library over in the next county held it’s book sale, the last for the season.  Although there are other used book sales in the next couple months, they usually aren’t as big or have quite as good a selection.

Hitting the sale at the tale end to get in on the $2. a bag deal, I was able to snag quite a good many treasures.  Many of these books are discards from the library, and a lot of them happen to be recently published ones.  Since this particular branch doesn’t cover their books in protective jackets, books quickly get torn, stained, and bent.  I don’t mind maimed covers; I lovingly take them home and cover them with contact paper!  They are now sitting quite comfortably on my bookshelves, having been routinely branded with my name and the year on the title page.

I love that at this sale there is a special fiction section designated for Inspirational fiction novels.  I get to pick up on a lot of good titles I’ve been wanting to read the last couple of years!

Here is my collection of loot from P— Library Sale:

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