Movie Review: The Book and the Rose

04 Jul

Based on a short story by Max Lucado.

Version: 2001

Genre: period drama; romance

The Book and the Rose Movie - this is a 30 minute short movie found on Netflix.  It made me cry.  Very touching!!!Plot Summary: When a young math teacher finds an old first edition of Anna Karenina in a used book shop, he thinks he’s stumbled across a treasure… until he’s disappointed to he find notes handwritten in the margins of the pages.  But when he finds himself intrigued by the previous owner of the book, he decides to see if he can who this interesting person is.  Set during the 1940’s.

My Review:  I’m posting this as a little Independence Day tribute to veterans (seeing as how it’s set during WWII).  When I discovered this on Netflix, I wondered how a movie could be 30 min. long and be as interesting as what people seemed to be raving about on the reviews.   But I recognized Max Lucado’s name (wonderful author of many cute children’s books and inspirational non-fiction), so I decided to give it a try.

And boy, am I glad I did!  This sweet story will definitely have you drawn in from the very beginning.  It turns out this little independent gem has won 27 first place awards and almost went to the Oscars!  There are no big-name actors, the acting is a little stiff, and you can tell they filmed it on a small budget.  I also could complain about the lack of historical accuracy when it came to costume, hair and makeup.  But with it only being 30 minutes long, what have you to lose?  It’s the memorable story that matters most, and it had me really thinking about the wisdom and integrity behind the characters’ choices.  What would I have done in a similar situation?  Definitely one that I’ll remember for a long time, and one I’ll be seeing again (I don’t often say that!).

Have you seen this short film?  Share your thoughts below!

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