Bring to Mind: Life of C. S. Lewis

15 May

Just a quick post to alert you to a great podcast I just finished listening to on the life of C. S. Lewis.  “Bring to Mind” is hosted by Melinda Schmidt.  It’s original release date was May 6, 2013.  You can listen to this weekly podcast here.

Are you an avid Lewis fan?  Maybe you’ve seen the Narnian movies or read the books and are curious and want to know more about the man behind them.  Even if you think you are familiar with this popular Christian author, you might be surprised to learn some little known facts about his life.

Schmidt interviews featured guest Alister McGrath, author of “C. S. Lewis- A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet” and together they discuss the approachability of Clive Staples Lewis.  I appreciated how they were candid about Lewis’ life, yet did not do so in a way to cause you to wish you hadn’t listened and learned in the first place!

You can visit Alister McGrath’s website here.

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